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A Young woman walked in..(con't)

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  • A Young woman walked in..(con't)

    OOC-continued from here

    IC:She rised from her kneeling postion and noded to the Sith master.

    "Yes, why else would I have come before you?"

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    Arches an eyebrow...

    The Darkside will determine whether you are worthy or not. Choose your master to lead you down the path.


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      Kalista looked at Saurron and nodded slowly.

      "I wish for my master to be Darth Ogre."

      She awaited an answer


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        demonnight a sith not yet but soon looks at kalista an smiles a wicked smile an says good tidings comes your way....thats all i can say.but may you have fun!


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          He stepped forward from his seat, walking in a circle around the Sith potential, eyeing her closely, sizing her up visually. He stopped as he came to the front of her again and his voice came, deep in tone but slightly subdued in volume.

          "What is it that has made you choose to follow the path of the dark?" As he spoke, she could feel a hint of something probing her surface thoughts, attempting to read her intentions or possibly confirm the validity of whatever she may say.


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            OOC-Sorry for taking so long to reply ^_^

            Kali spoke in a soft but firm voice.

            What made me chose the path of dark? Death. I've killed almost my entire life. I love killing, I enjoy it. But, I also want revenge on the jedi, for what they told a small girl--me. They told me emotionssuch as anger and fear could not be used to make myself stronger in the Force. When I refused to listen, they stoped my training. And I vow to one day see the end of them. I realize though, I cannot do this alone. Nor without more training.


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              His head tilts to the side slightly and he looks a bit curious. “What is it that you fear?”


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                  His eyes narrowed and he began to wlk past her. "Any failures from this point on will result in death. There is no need to fear it, only know that you can overcome the challenge, my apprentice."

                  He continued past her and to the exit of the recruitment center. "You will be sumoned to the traning grounds <a href=>soon</a>. Be prepared for anything."

                  His final words said, Ogre left the room to take care of some other matters.


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                    "Welcome to the Empire, Kalista Devi."