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::A traitor in the making::

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  • ::A traitor in the making::

    ::The Hunter walked into the now low light room and nodded::

    *He chukeld*"hmmm a new paint job might work" he said..

    :: he looked over to the man he had been follwing from the rescent fight back in the forest, Siek knew the Sith knight had known he was following him::

    "Well well vega, i see you didnt attack me while following you" he said looking down at his saber...

    ::Siek nodded in respect::

    "Vega i have come to join the sith empire and for you to be my trainer, i hope you trust me otherwise you would have ripped me to shreds, i hope you accept my apologie and request good sir"..

    Vega looked surprised....

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    Convince my why I should take you on as an apprentice after you so adeptly opposed me not so long ago.


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      ::Sieken simply laughed at vega but noticed he was a clever man after all::

      "lets put it this way sir...i had enough guts to take you on in a fight even tho i knew out of high hell i would ether be dead and buried or lying in some sewer somewere not only that im posting here meaning ill be a traitor to my NRCC mates i wouldent take that chance without fear"

      ::siek stood there in a sort of defencive position as if any moment vega would kill him with on blow::


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        You belive that is reason enough? Tell me, why do you wish to join the Sith?

        A slight sneer crossed his face.


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          :: siek looked around him thinking any minute van was gonna wave his hand and in a flash siek would be a bloody mess on the floor::

          "well i think the main course of thought would be me beaing a bounty hunter i feel i have SOME sith attitude, i kill when and if i have to in this case i want to kill when I want to and not when the damn people hire me and the Jedi are just a buch of white light panzeys..beleve me i know from experence..i was ONCE a padawan to Anakis and i just a pawn and a stupid little goody goody...ive had it with them..that answer you question sir?

          As for you traning me i feel i only want one of the best in the buisnuiss and i wouldent accept a traniner but you good sir"

          :: Siek was now ajitated and could see only a grin on vegas face::


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            -- Eve appeared next to Vega and tapped him lightly on the shoulder. She looked at Siek. --

            What's this ? A new apprentice, Vega ? Umm ...

            -- Eve stared slightly at the newcomer then smiled lightly, looking back at Vega. --


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              ::Siek looked at her with a interested view, he raised is brow and looked at vega...::


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                Very well..

                His deep grey trench coat kicked into the air as he spun sharply on his heel.

                If the council approves I will begin training as soon as you are ready.


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                  "Good luck with your new Apprentice, Vega," she said with a grin.


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                    Sieken Nodded to the woman and walked out after vega...::


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                      *As Sieken walks from the council room a voice from the shadows gives away the presence of another one of the members who had been watching*

                      "Welcome to the Sith Empire, Sieken...Vega will teach you well."