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OOC: To all the incoming Saiya-jins..

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  • OOC: To all the incoming Saiya-jins..

    I just thought I'd post this, so the SJ's know what they're coming into.. If you want to use a Saiya-jin, you have to keep in mind that you get none of the advantages that SJ's have in DBZ. Meaning, No Ki (so no flying, no extremely powerful HtH attacks, no blasts, etc.) No Oozaru, and no SSJing.. If you want a really intersting SW char, I suggest making a new name/char (I wish I hadn't picked this name now, but hey, it's what ppl know me as =/

    You can stay a SJ, but it does limit you on what you can do (providing you RP well) Just thought I'd say that =)

    Oh, and admins, if there's a better place for this post, move it, I just figured it would be best here ^_^

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    no thats not all true you still can use blasts cause in SW universe there are blast attacks EX. Force Blast.

    and plus I am the cause of the sudden increase in saiya-jins and I have explained this to most of them


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      =P Kennon, I said No Ki (no blasts) I figured anyone who read it would understand that I was talking about Ki /=)


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        i knew that thats why i posted when i wanted to join i just want this name no powers


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          ya well you can still use blast just not the long ki blasts


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            Damn, Kennon! Where are you grabbing all these SJ from? >< Soooo many...


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              all are from kissdbz message board


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                You can't forbid "ki". Ki is life force, it isn't just some DBZ-thing.


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                  Nuriko, I know, it's just I don't know a single person who'd allow the kind of Ki-attacks used in DBZ, in battle =/ Most consider flying, and firing off huge energy blasts with the damage capacity to destroy planets kindof god-moding /=)


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                    It could be argued force powers are using ki. Don't mistake what is ki for the fireball-flinging, flying around, super-strength near-invicibility of Z-fighters. There's a difference between allowing "ki attacks" and "ki attacks used in DBZ". They're not the same thing.


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                      too bad.sighs that leaves me half saiyan but i dont use all my powers..shrugs.smiles an walks away laughing softly.