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*A Dark force enters the area*

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  • *A Dark force enters the area*

    Hello, I am Darkeststh6. Some of you may have seen me at posting as a solo, but I have decided to join TSE and start over.

    My Past History:
    The first ever RP I have been to was Jedi Community, in which I joined and gradually, becamde admin and Sith Emporer of. The board was later shut down, and I found my way to TGC(when it was affliated with I started posting at both forums, I joined TGC and worked my way up to Warriors, before split up. When TGC and split, I fought solo at and fought as a warrior at TGC. I worked my way up to Knight at TGC, and and also fought as a knight at I Then talked over with CR a bit, and decided to join TSE. So far, I have been RPing for about 6 months.

    Any other questions?

    Edit: The current battles that I am still in are as a Knight, any others that I join are going to be a dicipline

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    "Welcome to TSE, Darkestsith. I am Lordess Nuriko. Please pick one from the list below and ask that they take you as their apprentice."

    Sith Masters

    Darth Havok
    Lady Vader
    Ogre Mal Pannis

    Sith Lords

    Dalethria Mal Pannis
    Nuriko Sha
    Darth Phantom
    Sumor Rayial

    Sith Knights

    Darth Renegade
    Darth Snack
    Darth Varlon
    Fritz 7
    Ket Van Derveld
    Mari Bean
    Miryan no Trunks
    Trace Sha
    Vega Van Derveld


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      Vega leant against the wall of the Council room, one ankle crossed over the other as he looked towards Darkestsith. With a small sneer, he chuckled to himself.


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        :: DS6 thought over the decision for a while, he looked around the council room, leering at anything in his way. DS6 overlooked Vega, but DS6 knew he was there. Finally, DS6 looked back at Nuriko. He snickered a little and answered ::

        ' I'll have to choose Darth Phantom as my Master, if he accepts '


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          *MnT walked up beside Vega, his boots carrying him noiselessly across the council room.. As he stopped, he opened his mind and spoke telepathically to his fellow knight..*

          " ... So friend, what's your call on this one..? Think he'll last..?"


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            :: DS6 sensed another force presance in the room, but didn't bother looking, he automatically, accused it to be some other sith. Ds6 still awaited the reply of his choosen master. ::

            EDIT: Should I wait for his reply or choose another?


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              OOC: Should I choose another trianer?


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                OOC: You might consider creating a new topic with his name in the title. Perhaps he didn't notice this one.


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                  OOC: He hasn't replied


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                    "Welcome to the Empire, DarkestSith6."


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                      :: Phantom emerges from the darkness ::

                      I accept...


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                        ' We should start traing then... '