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Standing among the shadows.

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  • Standing among the shadows.

    The Centaur-like being stepped silently from the shadows. He bowed, his front legs extending forward as he swept his arms through the air. The scientifically-created male lifted his cold eyes to look examine the Council before him and a demonic grin spread over his horse-like face.

    "Greetings. My name is Bryce Ide. My sister and I have ventured into your presence with request to become of your ranks."

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    ::The thin, leather clad girl stepped forth silently, her dark eyes holding an aloof spark. She bowed lowly to the council, her hand brushing against the floor, claw marks carved into the surface before she stood. a lion-like tail flicked to and fro behind her as she awaited the discision of their joining::


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      Nuriko grinned at the new-comers. "A brother and a sister... It always makes me smile to see family travel into the darkness together. Greetings... I am Lordess Nuriko, a member of the ruling council here. Welcome to the Sith Empire. Please pick one to be your master and ask they accept you as their apprentice..."

      Sith Masters

      Darth Havok
      Lady Vader
      Ogre Mal Pannis

      Sith Lords

      Dalethria Mal Pannis
      Nuriko Sha
      Darth Phantom
      Sumor Rayial

      Sith Knights

      Darth Renegade
      Darth Snack
      Darth Varlon
      Fritz 7
      Ket Van Derveld
      Mari Bean
      Miryan no Trunks
      Trace Sha
      Vega Van Derveld


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        ::Anastasi nodded respectfully to the Sith Lordess. She cocked her head to the side as she spoke::

        "I was wondering if I myself might have Sith Knight, Miryan no Trunks as a master...I cannot speak for my brother's choice, however."


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          With an uncertain silence, Vega watched for a moment as the two beast-like humanoids spoke. After a brief time to think, he spoke quietly.

          Welcome to the Sith Empire..


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            Bryce shook his head to flick hair from his eyes. He looked at Vega Van-Derveld and gave a small nod in greeting before turning his attention to Nuriko.

            "I wish to have Sumor Rayial as my Master."


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              **Sumor stood from his seat in the council room**

              Tell me, why do think you have what it takes to be a member of the empire?

              OOC: Just to let you know my online time during the week is rather limited compared to most at the moment. That in mind your training will probably be slower in progressing than another might be able to provide. If you feel you want to choose another due to the time factor please feel free to do so.


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                "Welcome to the Empire, Bryce and Anastasi."

                :: The Lordess nods to the two new members of the Empire ::


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                  Bryce arched an eyebrow in thought for a moment. He looked dead away at Sumor as he spoke.

                  "My entire life has been surrounded by death. Death as sport, death as a passed-time, death as survival. I feed off the very existence of the decaying form of pleasure. I am raised of death and destruction. You ask why I think I have the right being to become a member? That I do not know the answer to, for I do not know what traits you think a member should possess. But... Ask of me any task you will to proove myself, if you wish, and it shall be done."

                  With that, the centaur became silent, his face stone-like in waiting for a response.


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                    From amongst other shadows, he watched as Sumor and Miryan made certain these recruits would be true to their decision.


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                      OOC: Ack, sorry =/ I wasn't on today until just now, and I hadn't seen your post in the thread yesterday ยก^_^


                      *Watching from the shadows, MnT nodded his head, not concious of the fact he was doing so, as he thought... A moment's passing ended with his head turning up towards Lady Ide, and his thoughts becoming vocalized..*

                      ... I don't wish to sound like a mere emulation of Lord Rayial, but his question does stand true.. Why do you think the Empire will benefit by your being a part of it? Also.. I do want you you realize that you would be my first apprentice, and as such, it would be a learning experiance for us Both. I cannot say I'd be the best choice of master, but if you answer well, and still wish to be trained under me, I'll do my best...


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                        --A soft growl came from the shadows, joined by the soft glint of two pale eyes. There was something about the new-comers that seemed far too familiar. Gitane stepped into the dim light and took the side of her Master, remaining silent.--


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                          **Sumor looked into the centaur's cold eyes.**

                          You do not know if you have what it takes? Well there is only one way to find out. I sense in you potential, but can you tap that potential. When you are finished here meet me on the <a href=>trainig grounds.</a>

                          **Sumor turned on his heal and left the council room heading to the quarters he shared with Dara to collect his weapons and training equipment.**


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                            -- Eve looked carefully at the centaur. It's the first time she ever seen one. She walked up to Gitane from behind and tapped her lightly on the shoulder. Gitane didn't turn around, it was easy to guess that it was Eve. So Eve just walked up a few steps and stood besides Gitane, staring strangely at the newcomers. --

                            Umm ...