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i wish to join

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  • i wish to join

    *bows before teh ****h councel*

    "i wish to join and folow the way of the sith

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    She nodded to the new arrival, "I'm Dalethria Mal Pannis, Sith Lordess of the Empire. I welcome you amongst us and wish you luck in your new journey.

    Look amongst the available Masters and choose one to begin your training. Please look at the training grounds and our website to see what Master would suit you most."

    Sith Masters

    Darth Havok
    Lady Vader
    Ogre Mal Pannis

    Sith Lords

    Nuriko Sha
    Darth Phantom
    Sumor Rayial

    Sith Knights

    Darth Renegade
    Darth Snack
    Darth Varlon
    Fritz 7
    Ket Van Derveld
    Mari Bean
    Miryan no Trunks
    Trace Sha
    Vega Van Derveld

    OOC~ As a side note, I am removing my name from the list until a few of my own Apprentices have been promoted. Thanks


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      if it is a l right i would not like to chouse i would like them to chose i am un worthey to do so


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        Giving a light nod to the newcomer from the side of the Recruitment center, Vega spoke quietly.

        Welcome to the Sith Empire...


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          i will go with what ever the councel feals that should happen to me if it is to be trained by some one


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            "The ability to choose your own path is important. This is your training on the line and it is better for you to decide. It's all part of the learning process."


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              "Welcome to the Empire Alexis. May the path of the Darkness and your path become one."


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                "Welcome to the Empire, Alexis."

                :: The Sith Lordess inclines her head in a nod to the newcomer ::


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                  if i must choose Lady Vader if that is ok adn if ther is time to train me