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  • Seeking to join

    Though a few of you may recognize me, I doubt any of you know me. I am Arnheim, follower of the Sith way and disciple of the Darker side of the force. Though in my past I once followed a different path, it is of no consequence to my current status. I seek to become a member of the Sith Empire.

    I understand that I am to pick my own master... Perhaps, though, someone could instruct me as to who would be available to pick from, eh?

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    :: Athena stands in the shadows and welcomes the newcomer to the TSE area. " you should wait for a master to greet you." ::


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      There was a sparkle of recognition in her eyes, "I do remember you and know of you. I'm not sure if you remember me, but I once visited TGC along with my Sister Kat quite some time ago ... I welcome you to the Empire and may you find what you seek within our walls."

      Sith Masters

      Darth Havok
      Lady Vader
      Ogre Mal Pannis

      Sith Lords

      Nuriko Sha
      Darth Phantom
      Sumor Rayial

      Sith Knights

      Darth Renegade
      Darth Snack
      Darth Varlon
      Fritz 7
      Ket Van Derveld
      Mari Bean
      Miryan no Trunks
      Trace Sha
      Vega Van Derveld


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        "Greetings Arnheim."


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          :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial nods to the newcomer from her place in the shadows. Pure evil emanates from her being ::

          "Welcome to the Empire, Arnheim."


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            Speaking in a snide tone with a slight grin upon his face, Vega observes the newcomer.

            Welcome to the Sith Empire..


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              Welcome to the Empire, Arnheim.

              *Snack said, standing next to his own Master. He looked at the new comer remembering him from Naboo as well...*


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                :: Arnheim felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up, he turns to see a large figure clad in his black cloak, removing his hood he nods ::

                Welcome Arnheim. Its great to see you again.