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  • looks around ..

    [i] Malus awaits to be seen . he hopes that they will train him to be a better figher & better force user & hopping to be a sith ..

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    Laughs to himself, staring down at the toe of his boot as he waits for more Sith to arrive to behold the humorous sight.


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      *Walks up beside Vega, only the slightest grin noticable on his face.. He leaned over and, a slight chuckle breaking up his words, whispered..*

      ... This should be interesting....


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        "Seems someone has lost their way."


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          *Rain leaned against a wall with her arms crossed and smirked.*


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            Var waited from atop a balcony before jumping off and hitting the apex of his fall, bouncing in front of the Marzullo. "Well well, what do we have here?!" He said in a cynical, nearly insane tone. "A Marzullo, by chance? Or by fate!"

            Suddenly, the cord pulled him back up and out of view while he roared with laughter.


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              -- Eve tapped Vega on the shoulder slightly and blinked at the man in front of everyone. She stood between MnT and Vega, staring at the newcomer. --

              Uh ...


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                Leaning in to whisper to Eve, Vega gestured towards the man infront of him.

                Part of the infamous Marzullo Clan... Not exactly that most popular group of Sith.


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                  :: steps into the area and growls at the Marzullo. Her hate for them stronger then anything ever felt. The want to just grabs his throat and pull until its in two she fights to control. Steps closer to vega. ::

                  " What in the world does IT want here? "


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                    -- Eve looked at Athena and slightly whispered loud enough so she can hear. --

                    He thinks he can join ...


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                      :: looks at Eve ::

                      " lets hope not, May my master will let me use it in a training session "


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                        -- Eve just smirked slightly at Athena's comment. She never heard of the Mazullos before ... Quite interesting. --


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                          Malus looks at all the sith
                          im a out cast from my clan they are not my famliy nomore . i did lost my way from the darkside but want your help to bring me back to the darkside ....


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                            :: looks at the Marzullo ::

                            " i know your Clan, they dont disown THEY kill the ones they dont want anymore. "

                            :: stands next to Eve pure dark energy flows from her. ::

                            ::looking at Eve , " be lucky you dont know any of them, you really dont want to" looks at IT again ::


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                              Calm down, Athena ..

                              -- Eve coninued staring at the man. Some weirdo. --

                              You can kick his *** later ..