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i think i wanna join

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  • i think i wanna join

    ......::slinks in and goes over to the sign up sheet::

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    ::Raises a brow to the new commer::

    " nice sig....done on paint??" he sercastic chuckel enterd the halls...

    " Welcome to the sith empire sir...wait for a master to greet you...


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      yep, i dont have any good programs so this will have to work for now.


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        Striding into the Council Room, a deeper darkness radiates the Knights body as he appears behind Sieken, raising his hand to send the Disciple to the floor with a Force push.

        We do not welcome newcomers to the Empire that way.. he said in a cold tone, turning to look at the possible recruit with an annoyed sigh.

        Welcome to the Sith Empire, I am Sith Knight Vega Van-Derveld. Once you have been greeted by a Master, you may choose from this list to pick your own Master who will guide you into the Darkness.

        Sith Masters

        Darth Havok
        Lady Vader
        Ogre Mal Pannis

        Sith Lords

        Nuriko Sha
        Darth Phantom
        Sumor Rayial

        Sith Knights

        Darth Renegade
        Darth Snack
        Darth Varlon
        Fritz 7
        Ket Van Derveld
        Mari Bean
        Miryan no Trunks
        Trace Sha
        Vega Van Derveld

        *I suggest you take a look at the training grounds to see the styles of each Sith.


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          thank you knight vega, i shall wait patiantly for a master


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            "Welcome to the great Empire, sir Tempist."

            Taja nodded politely in his direction, her visage impassive as always.


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              "Welcome Tempist, I am Sith Master Ogre Mal Pannis."


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                "Welcome Tempist. Please choose one from the list presented by Knight Vega to be your master and ask they accept you as an apprentice."

                [c]<img SRC= alt="Property of Master Rama">[/c]


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                  thank you dath nuriko and taja loraan for the greeting. thank you ogre mal pannis for the welcome to this marvelous empire. i request that you accept me as your apprentice.
                  ::waits patiantly for his possible master's response::


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                    “I must decline. My current level of responsibility, both IC and OOC forbids me from being able to grant you the time you deserve and I would ask that you ask for another Master who could provide what you deserve. I have been meaning to have my name removed from the availability list, but keep forgetting with all the issues I have coming up.”


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                      "i understand, thank you anyway. in place i request to be trained in the ways of the sith by knight miryan no trunks."
                      ::tempist shifts his weight to the other foot as he awaits the response from the knight::


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                        OOC: Can someone revamp this guys sig into a jpg or gif, please? Even on DSL, it's slow loading. Oh, and Temp, welcome to the empire ^_^;


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                          thank you darth vorlon for the greeting
                          (i dont know how to make it a jpg, sorry)


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                            *Looking out amongst the proceedings, MnT kept in the shadows, unnoticed thus far.. He didn't know how well a second apprentice would work, as he didn't believe he was faring all too well with his first.. Oh well, he thought.. Trial by fire..*

                            ... Why do you wish for me as a Master..?

                            *Stepping out from the darkness as he spoke, his trenchcoat and clothing blended with the shadow, making his appearance seem no more than a floating head and neck...*

                            Edit: made it a Jpg for yas


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                              "I wish you as my master for several reasons. The most important of these being that I have seen how you teach, and I feel that your meathod of training will improve my abilities as well as open new ones best. Secondly, I have heard many things about you from many people. Such praise from so many usaily means that you are not only skilled, but intelegent and efficant as well. I have seen how you use the force, and I can only hope that someday I may get that skilled as well. If you accept me as your apprentice, I promise I will not fail you."