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Destoyer At the Gates. Strolls in and awaits the Sith.

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  • Destoyer At the Gates. Strolls in and awaits the Sith.

    I am Many. I seek entrance. I donot seek acceptance or friendship. If you are that weak to offer it That is.

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    Awaits next to it's Master.


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      Her brows raised in interest and turned to the one that spoke, "And who is this that stands besides you? Are you both wishing entrance into the Empire ... or just yourself?"


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        Nuriko blinks at the newcomers. Interesting...

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          Staring on with an unsure look and lopsided grin, the Knight awaited for the high-ranking members to let their opinions into the open before speaking his own mind.


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            --Gitane lifted an eyebrow at the two, standing slightly on her toes and murmuring only to Vega--

            "They have even the slightest thought that TSE is weak..?"


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              Then you will not ask for friendship if you are. You will ask for strength instead. I am AI and organic Aftermath is an extension. It is me and I am it. My meat and bread is the blood squeezed from hope in my enemie's eye. That is what I offer the Sith. And they will offer me entrance. And gain a new sword for they're arsenal.


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                "You believe friendship is a bad thing? Without friendship between some, there is not unity. Without unity, what is the point of clans? What is the point of the Sith Empire?"

                --Gitane arched her brow slightly towards the being, tilting her head to the side.--


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                  Discipline. Will I weep for you when the Jedi stick your bleeding heart full of holes? Or will you be at one with the darkness when you fall into it and know that I will crush the life from the enemy who struck you down. Discipline will hold your society together. Friendship leads to love. Love leads to the Light and Light leads you to the doom of the Darkside when it falls upon you like the final sunset called the Sith.


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                    *I walk in and stand next to my Master. I bow to all assembled out of respect. It is hard for me to keep my amusement to myself, but I kept a straight face. This Stonepaw had some very strange ideals.... though it could be said that I too had "unique" ideals. I turn to my Master, and communicate with her silently.*

                    (Lady Dalethria, he is a strange one.....Does he not understand that love has its place.... even among us? A very strange occurence indeed.....)


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                      --Gitane simply laughed quietly to herself, glancing up at Vega in amusement of what the newcommer had said.--


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                        Amusement you will find in my eyes when the Darkness comsumes hope and love. If it is love you seek then seek it. It has no place for Love or outward stimuli. It commands Discipline. Without it your mind will consume it's self in search of these things.

                        I will find it amusing when the Darkness comsumes Love, so that we both share in the mirth. If you wish my love then gaze at the sky and seek the cold void between the stars and there you will find all the warmth you need.


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                          A smaller machine appears in the darkness and takes it's place next to the larger Ai war droids.
                          Stonepaw and the Aftermath gaze at they're smaller brother.

                          It moves cat like and stealthly before the council it's single eye fixes the cloaked forms before them.

                          : Grettings I am Fade9. We three serve our creator a talented Sith Monk named SONE HU KALITH. He has created them to serve The Lords named Sumor Rayial and his heart Dara Shadowtide Rayial. These AI are unique. They were designed to combat those trained in the force and to add to the Sith ranks. Whether you take them or not matters little to our master. Take us and learn from our master's teaching on his meditations into the Darkside of Chaos and Order. Or loose this opportunity.

                          The Three stand quietly. Glowing eyes pulse in the darkness.


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                            *I smile on the inside in merriment..... as I sweep my gaze to Gitane Blesse, and my master Lady Dalethria as the newcomer talked about how unnecessary love was...... No matter how good A.I. could get, it still lacked in what was vital to any warrior..... It would be amusing to see how this one fared.....*


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                              The thoughts of her Apprentice were open to her and she too wondered how such ... creatures for the lack of a better word, would fare.

                              Morino ... all emotions are used to strengthen us. Even love to a certain extent. It is all on how you use it.

                              Her curiosity led to something else though, "Your Master knows of the Lords Sumor and Dara? Strange that gifts are already being bared as one is wanting entrance to the Empire ..."

                              For beings that she never heard of nor seen ... ever ... such generosity, even if it was sincere, had to be cautioned considering it was her sister that was mentioned.