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  • (Wishing to join)

    :: Roll enters the council room, a small duffle bag over one shoulder, she shivers from the force energy gathered here, more than what she is used to.... ::

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    ::watches from teh shadows as the new comer enters the hall. tempist gazed upon her, realizing she was the girl from the hill side clearing. he was glad to see she chose the way of the sith, but hoped it was not out of fear, but her own free will. he steped forward slightly::

    "welcome to the sith empire, please wait for a master to great you"


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      *Stepping out from the shadows, MnT bowed to the newcomer, and smiled slightly..*

      ... Welcome, Lady Anderson, to the Sith Empire.. I would say you've chosen well, but I believe it would be best to let you yourself come to that conclusion, ne?

      *Walking over, he handed her a datapad, the contents of which was a list of those whom she could request apprenticeship under..*


      Sith Masters

      Darth Havok (NCAA)
      Lady Vader
      Jedah Lynch (NCAA)
      Ogre Mal Pannis (NCAA)
      Rama Sha (NCAA)

      Sith Lords

      Dalethria Mal Pannis (NCAA)
      Dara Shadowtide (NCAA)
      Darth Nuriko (Nuriko Sha)
      Darth Phantom
      Sumor Rayial (NCAA)

      Sith Knights

      Darth Renegade (NCAA)
      Darth Snack
      Darth Varlon
      Fritz 7 (NCAA)
      Ket Van Derveld (NCAA)
      Mari Bean
      Miryan no Trunks
      Trace Sha (NCAA)
      Vega Van Derveld


      OOC: (NCAA) means they're not currently accepting apprentices


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        :: Looks at the list then back at Trunks ::

        (Alot of ppl are not taking disciples, ne?)


        OOC- Know that Trunks, been looking at other ppls threads here...


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          OOC- It doesn't matter if I'm accepted, cos I have a fall back plan...So, just ignore me, for now.