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    <Syren walked in, glanced around, and bowed her head at the arrival of a Sith.>

    "I'd like to join the Sith Empire."

    <Syren looked up briefly at the Sith.>

    "I hope the Empire will accept me."

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    :: Athena was walking down a hall and saw a new person ::

    " greetings and weclome here to the Empire. you must wait until a master has greeted you here. they will then ask who you want as your master from a list of names they shall show you. then you are accepted and training is to start. I shall stand here with you until another has come. "


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      <Syren nodded her head as she heard the Sith talk to her>

      "Thank you."


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        Nodding from the edge of the Council room, Vega folded his hands behind his back, speaking quietly.

        Welcome to The Sith Empire..


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          He looked on at another hopeful’s arrival. Every day there numbers grew, the future of the Sith would continue much like the present. It would be filled with nothing but domination, a trend that would never change, due to the weakness of their enemies. With a smile of satisfaction gracing his lips Ogre spoke.

          “Welcome to the future, welcome to the Sith Empire.”


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            -- Eve arrived after Ogre and stared at the newcomer and nodded briefly as she turned her gaze on Eve. --

            "Like Ogre said, welcome to the Sith Empire."


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              *The Sith Knight stood to the side of his MAster, Ogre, and spoke.*

              You may choose from the following to train you in the ways of the Dark.

              Sith Masters

              Lady Vader [TSO]

              Sith Lords

              Darth Nuriko (Nuriko Sha)
              Darth Phantom [TNSC]
              Sorsha Kasajian

              Sith Knights

              Darth Snack
              Darth Varlon
              Mari Bean
              Miryan no Trunks
              Raine Sarin
              Vega Van Derveld


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                <Syren looked up at the Siths who greeted her, then dropped down on one knee.>

                "With all due respect, I would like to choose Miryan no Trunks as my Master, to teach me the arts in the Dark Side."


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                  :: The Sith Lordess nodded to the newcomer ::

                  "Welcome to the Empire, Syren Aun Lysandor."


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                    <Syren looked up at the Sith Lordess.>

                    "Thank you, M'Lady."


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                      *Standing amongst the shadows, MnT kept his face expressionless for the time being.. He was still quite new to being a master/having apprentices, and as such, needed to make sure she thought she was making the wisest choice she could..*

                      ... Why do you choose me for a master? I surely am not the best choice if you wish to fully become one with the darkness.. What have you based your decision on..?


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                        <Syren thought carefully before she spoke.>

                        "Sensei, much have I heard about you. I have thought over it for much time, and I wish for you to take me on the path of the Dark Side. I have also heard that despite the fact you are new to being a Master and having apprentices, you have many skills and could help one such as myself."

                        <Syren paused then smiled wryly as she said this.>

                        "I also heard that you have alot of patience."


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                          *Chuckling silently to himself, MnT decided he would have to find out who all, those who had recently been asking apprenticeship under him had been talking to.. It was nice to recieve such praise, but it was nicer to know where such praise was originating from..*

                          ... All right, if that is truly how you feel, then I've no reason not to accept.. I'll be waiting in the training grounds, come once you've fully prepared yourself..

                          *He turned to the door, and began to move towards it, but stopped, looking towards Lady Lysandor..*

                          ... And Welcome to the Empire...

                          OOC: Whoever does such things, can I be taken from the list of available masters now? I think 3 is enough for someone who's not done this before.. ¡^_^


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                            -- Eve smirked and approached the newcomer. Even though she was new in the Sith Empire, Eve knew Syren from way back. She turned to MnT and tilted her head on the side. --

                            "Come on, MnT ... Give yourself a break, I'll give her a tour of TSE, first, if you don't mind."


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                              <Syren stood up, watching MnT, her new instructor and guide in the Sith Empire.>

                              "Thank you...And as for the training, Sensei, I've always been prepared."

                              <Syren then looked at Eve and smiled briefly.>