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  • I have decide to join

    I shall join you here. The Jedi must be completely destroyed or turend to the Dark Side. You will halp me bring this about.

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    Welcome to the Sith Empire, I am Sith Knight Vega Van-Derveld. Once you have been greeted by a Master, you may choose from this list to pick your own Master who will guide you into the Darkness.

    Sith Masters

    Darth Havok
    Lady Vader
    Ogre Mal Pannis

    Sith Lords

    Nuriko Sha
    Darth Phantom
    Sumor Rayial

    Sith Knights

    Darth Renegade
    Darth Snack
    Darth Varlon
    Fritz 7
    Ket Van Derveld
    Mari Bean
    Miryan no Trunks
    Trace Sha
    Vega Van Derveld

    *I suggest you take a look at the training grounds to see the styles of each Sith.


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      "We are not those who are so quick to help others. You must first prove you can help yourself, which by coming here and requesting membership, you have taken the first step in doing. Welcome to the Empire."


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        welcome to tse,im demonnignht


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          I shall ask this of you, which of you has the greatest power? Also I shall ask by what right do you make yourselvs Lords and Masters? Do oyu practice meditation and attempt to bring more into the fold of the Dark Side? Answer me these questions and I shall decide what my course should be.


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            --Gitane arched a thinly shaped brow as she folded her arms across her chest, eyeing the man.--

            "You are one of many questions. Seems a bit...odd for one that is requesting allowance into the Empire."


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              One must ask questions, to be uninformed is a sure way to meets one's doom. Surely, you would notact without knowledge. Knowledge is a power. If you have the greatest knowledge then your power will be the greatest. Therefore I ask questions to further my knowledge and my power.


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                "No one will be so arrogant as to say they have the greatest power over the others. Each member has their own strengths and weaknesses only made clear through their actions and choice of words.

                We call ourselves Masters and Lords by our right. That our comrades and enemies accept these ranks shows us that we are justified in taking them.

                Some of us mediate, some of us don't. The Darkside is bigger than all of us, so I don't believe anyone could ever bring more into its fold."

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