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  • The will to join

    **Marajin walks in, wondering just how he might be greeted in this place. He calls out in as loud a voice as he dares**


    **He is young...But seems to have the will to grow.**

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    Wecome to the Sith Empire, once you have been greeted by a Master or Mistress, you may ask one of the following to become your master, in which you will learn the Dark Arts.

    Sith Masters

    Lady Vader [TSO]

    Sith Lords

    Dalethria Mal Pannis
    Sorsha Kasajian

    Sith Knights

    Darth Varlon
    Raine Sarin
    Trace Sha
    Vega Van Derveld

    edited for list


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      Welcome to The Sith Empire.


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        I thank you, I will await the greeting of a master/mistress. In the meanwhile I will consider my options.

        **Slumps in a corner awaiting the further arrivals. He appears deep in thought**


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          "Well, on behalf of the Council I welcome you. If you already know who you wish to train you, let it be known and see if they accept."


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            **Glance up at the Mistresses greeting**

            "Thank you, While I have awaited your arrival I have studied those upon the given list, and if you will accept me, I choose you to train me."

            **He pauses for a moment then almost as an after thought adds**

            "I also, would guess, you would be interested to know my reasons. Would I be right, if I may ask?"


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              Dalethria raised a brow and hummed to herself, "I see that you have done your homework on me. As for your question ... you would be correct."

              She finished and waited for Marajin to continue.


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                **Marajin smiles and nods to himself**

                "Yes... I have certainly observed records on you and others and it seems to me you have much to teach and in a style that interests me. It also occurs to me, though I'm loathe to admit it, that should I step out of line you will deal with me accordingly. This is something I believe I might need."


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                  OOC~ I had to edit out your broken sig pic since it was messing up the thread. Only on for a bit so will reply tonight or tomorrow


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                    OoC ~ Ta very muchly, It's fixed now though


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                      *I walk in silently, my head bowed down to the ground as I walk in. I first bow to Lady Dalethria, and then to the newcomer. I then take my place, to the right of my Mistress , slightly behind, to show my respect.*

                      (OOC: female master, don't take it the wrong way )

                      *I speak, in my calm, laid back voice.*

                      "You have chosen well, and it is an honor to welcome in a fellow Apprentice."

                      *I lock gazes with him.*

                      "May the Darkside show you what the Light denies you in its arrogance and hypocracy...."

                      *I shake my head and bow to both my Mistress and her newest apprentice in apology.*

                      "I'm sorry... my own personal opinions found there way into that last statement... it is not my right to speak in such a way."


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                        She held up a hand to Morino, "I have no problems with you speaking to a new comer of your opinions."

                        Dalethria then returned her complete focus to Marajin, "Tell me then ... what led you here, to the Empire?"


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                          **Marajin bows to Morino and speaks:**

                          "It is an honor to be greeted"

                          **He then returns his attention to the Lordess**

                          "As to what brought me to the empire, All my life to this point I've been shunned, not quite fitting into the perfect.." **He spat the last word out, anger dancing in his eyes**
                          "Their perfect world... A world that I am not clean enough to inhabit. They have wronged me and I would punish those that wrong me."


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                            "And who are they that has caused you so much anger and disdain inside of you?"


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                              "My family, Those who I believed my friends, while I was young...Many people. I seek to punish any who would follow their lead."

                              **He pauses, mulling over in his mind, what information might be added**

                              "My family were firm supporters of the Jedi way......."