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    Belial walked in, smirking slightly. Yes, she'd heard of the Siths for quite some time now, and decided to check it out herself. As she looked around, Belial spoke.

    "Hello... I would like to join the Siths..."

    Belial suddenly frowned as a thought entered her mind.

    "Of course, if you don't accept Fallen Angels, I quite understand..."

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    A loud and deep toned voice calls out from one of the Council chars in the room.

    “Fallen angels may train in our ways if that is truly their wish. It would not be a first.”


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      A slight grin appeared on Belial's face as she heard a voice speak out from the darkness.

      "Well...It is truly my wish..."


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        :: Footsteps could then be heard and a man clad in black with a pale white face and hands stepped forward, greeting the new arrival. ::

        “Welcome to our Empire, I am Trace Sha. You may choose one from this list to be your Master.”

        Sith Masters

        Lady Vader

        Sith Lords

        Dalethria Mal Pannis
        Sorsha Kasajian

        Sith Knights

        Darth Varlon
        Raine Sarin
        Trace Sha
        Vega Van Derveld

        “Once you have chosen and they have accepted, your training may begin.”


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          Eve appeared from the shadows and stood besides Trace. Tilting her head slightly on the side, she questionned him without turning to him, staring at the girl.

          "So .. Who's this, Sir Sha ?"


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            Belial closed her eyes as she thought to herself. As her choice entered her mind, she spun around once and then looked at Trace Sha.

            "Well...Why not you, Trace Sha?"

            Belial noticed a woman who stepped out of the shadows and peered at her curiously. She scratched her head, wondering why the woman had unusual orange hair, but decided not to ask.


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              :: He found it quite odd that his brother’s disciple would ask him a question, especially considering that it wasn’t all that long ago, he had almost killed Rama and vice versa. He took no offense to the question though and returned her the same courtesy she did him, not looking at her as he answered Eve’s question. ::

              “I do not know for sure. Looks to be a potential Sith as far as I can tell.”

              :: Then Belial spoke after spinning around once. It wasn’t her words, but more the way she carried herself that caused Trace to raise an eyebrow. With a slight grin of what might be misconstrued as amusement, but was in fact mere curiosity, Trace posed her a question of his own. ::

              “If you tell me that is truly your wish, as well as why it is you want to be Sith, I will answer your question.”


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                *Watches all of this from the darkness*


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                  Eve looked over her shoulder. She sensed another presence there ... And Trace probably did, too. She grinned as she discovered who it is and spoke.

                  "Sir Sha is getting popular ... Don't you think, DaeTana ?"


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                    *just nods, crossing her arms over her chest.*


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                      Belial put a finger on her lips as she thought over her answer carefully. Not paying attention to what she was doing, she accidentally bit down on her finger, drawing forth blood. Belial blinked but didn't really care; blood was blood - nothing more, nothing less. Looking at Trace Sha, she answered him.

                      "Of course it is my wish to become a Sith. I don't really think that if it wasn't, I wouldn't be here. I want to become a Sith because I want to learn more of the Force - I find it a very interesting thing. The Jedi's are a bore, I find them useless and lazy, not to mention stupid. The Dark Jedi's feel that they must kill almost anybody who wishes to become a Dark Jedi to make them seem frightful and powerful, when really they're just making themselves seem stupid and wasteful. The Siths, however, are an organized, powerful, wise, strong, and an interesting group of several unique individuals who teach you to master your anger and hurt and use it as a tool against your enemies. I have rage built up inside me, so why not make a use of it? I feel that if I don't, I might be driven to insanity...Of course, if I'm not already insane, that is."

                      Belial paused then spoke again.

                      "And so, Trace Sha, what shall your answer be?"

                      Belial glanced over at the shadows, sensing a figure standing over there.


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                        :: Trace listened without interrupting what she had to say. It was difficult not to chuckle when she mentioned insanity, since he himself had been struggling with some issues in recent times, which would also classify him as being insane, but then again many Sith could fit into that category quite easily. She would be among many like her in that regard, having made this choice.

                        Trace stepped forward, moving closer to where she stood, finger bleeding from her absentminded bite. His eyes scanned over her and he looked as if he was sizing her up physically, after having sized her up mentally from her reply. He stopped about a meter away his expression not one of disproval or even really approval, it looked rather indifferent, and even somewhat cold. ::

                        “I will teach you our ways, but tell me a little of your rage? So that the others here, as well as myself, can come to understand you more, before completely welcoming you to our fold.”


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                          *Watches as Trace puts the new one through her paces, smirking as the girl bit herself with-out noticing it. Watches silently, wanting to see what her answer will be.*


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                            Eve tilted her head to the side and finally looked at Trace. She grinned and let out a small laugh before turning around, heading out the door. She nodded to DaeTana with a slight smile and then looked over her shoulder to Belial and her new master.

                            "A feisty one there, Sir Sha ... Better be careful."


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                              Belial laughed silently to herself when Trace asked her to tell him about her rage.

                              "When I get enraged, I seem to go...berserk. I loose all self-control, really. And usually, the person who made me enraged, doesn't really get to see another sunrise...In other words, my rage isn't something to be reckoned with."

                              Belial noticed that her finger stopped bleeding, and then looked around. She saw that everybody present noticed it when her finger bled, and sighed. Using her fingernail, Belial scratched off the black-tinted blood that dried.