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:: enters with a small child....

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  • :: enters with a small child....

    ...After having met Drackor <a href=>At the Battle grounds</a>, Ashley had brought him to TSE ::

    Stand before the council and tell them what you wish of them Drackor.....

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    *Drackor walks in and looks around the council slightly nervous he than speaks*

    I want to be a Sith.


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      "So ... you're back."

      :: Sorsha grins in <a href=>recognition</a> at Ashley Selena, then looks into the boy's eyes ::

      "You wish to become sith, do you?"

      :: stalks closer to Drackor as her eyes flash over gold ::


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        :: as Sorsha steps closer she quickly sees a flash of silver as Ashley stands in her way, holding a knife in front of her ::

        You harm the boy and I'll make it so you have a few less fingers.....

        :: a low growl comes from the back of Ashley's throat, then she recognizes the Woman ::



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          "What a pretty blade. Can you wield it?"

          :: lashes out and seizes control of Ashley's hand, twisting it backwards to hold the blade against her own throat. She applies a thumb crush, making Ashley unable to drop the blade. She can feel a trickle of blood as it pricks the soft flesh beneath her chin ::


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            :: she winces, and glares at Sorsha with dark eyes ::

            You don't sacre me, I said I'd make sure he would start his training, so no one will hurt him before then......

            :: growls more ::


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              "So eager to die for this boy? How cute."

              :: kicks Selena's feet out from under her and releases her grip so that she falls flat on her rump ::

              "There must be something special about him for you to risk so much."


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                He has......:: looks at Drackor :: Potental, you wouldn't want to waste that, now would you Kat?

                :: looks up at Kat, with a bit of kindness hiding behind her empty stare, Ashley then smirks ::


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                  "If what you claim is true than you would be wise to leave him in my care."


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                    Eve looked at the little fight from afar, her Skull Helmet still on. Leaning against her motorcycle, she stared at Ashley ... How can she even try to threaten a Sith Lordess ? She obviously had no chance against Kasajian. Not even one chance in a 1000.


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                      Ha! That would be like leaving a wolf to guard sheep!

                      :: stands up, putting her dagger back in it's sheath on her hip ::

                      I know how much you love children Kat.....

                      :: doesn't hide the slight sneer coming to her lips ::

                      And I know I can't fight you.......So I will stay here until one of the other Lords or Lordesses come.....

                      :: Ashley looks right at Eve and smirks smugly ::

                      I also don't want the whole Empire down my throat either....


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                        "You're wrong not to trust me, but as you wish."

                        :: glances at Eve as she exits the council room ::


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                          "Ahem ... Bad thing to make a Sith Lordess mad, girl."

                          Eve tilted her head slightly. The voice coming under her helmet was alot more deep, monotone and manly than her usual voice. She looked at the little boy codly.


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                            :: lets out a sigh as her shoulders slump, she put up a nice face to get Sorsha to leave the boy alone, but now she'll have to be careful where she treads, she turns to Drackor ::

                            Are you okay?

                            :: looks at Eve and smirks ::

                            I doubt I made her mad, I do trust her, very little, but I was only looking out for Drackor here, he has potental........


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                              "Potential or not. It's never good to threaten a Sith Lordess ... Especially Kasajin."

                              Eve looked at the kid referred as Drackor. There was something strange about this one ...