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  • mysterious youth

    ::enters stealthily still making sure to be known::
    i come in search of a master...i wish to train as sith...
    ::stands steadily in silence awaiting a reply::

    *he stood seeming calm.apearing no older than 18.bright white hair tied back falling to mid back;bangs escaping to fall across his pale face.bright red eyes more so than that of any blood pier into the darkness.his arms at his side awaiting distraction...*

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    Angua approaches from the side of the recruitment center, nodding in greeting to the newcomer.

    "Welcome to the Sith Empire. I am Angua Vetinari. Please choose from one of the people below to train you...

    Sith Masters

    Lady Vader

    Sith Lords

    Dalethria Mal Pannis
    Sorsha Kasajian

    Sith Knights

    Darth Varlon
    Raine Sarin
    Trace Sha
    Vega Van Derveld

    ... Once you have been greeted by a Master or Mistress of the Empire you may begin your training with your new Master."


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      "Ah ... Angua."

      Eve smirked as Angua turned her head around to see who it was. Eve walked up to her and stood besides her, tilting her head to the side, looking at the newcomer.

      "And who might this be ?"


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        ::glancing in amusement at the two::
        ::a nervous sigh and diplomatic nod::
        *curious and a little aptly spoken*
        if one was given the choice,I then would choose trace sha...and hope for their acceptance.
        *matching eyes with eve for what seemed a moment he than becomes a bit lost in though and awaits the reply of the sha prince*


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          He sat in his council chair and nodded as he heard and saw the newcomer. It was a silent welcome to the Empire by one of its Masters and Council members.


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            :: He stepped forth and spoke simply. ::

            "Why is it 'one' would choose me to be his Master?"


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              ::smiled smugly::
              Your name seemed to call to me as I read the list...That and of cores you are a sha...Is there a better reason?

              *Turned his attention to whom he hoped would soon be his master.Stared on into his eyes searching his soul,trying to make a conection.He than let go of his worries and calmly awaited a reply...*


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                :: He smirked quite visibly at the response. ::

                “I do hope your reasons for choosing to be Sith are better.”

                :: Stated semi rhetorically, but the look on his face shows that he expects an answer. ::


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                  ::now lost in deep thaught, wishing he could explain further his reasons for joining the TSE. Outside of the unexplain extream drive deep within to join and become Tracesha's aprentice, he didn't really know himself the porpose of his actions. He just followed his feelings.::

                  When it does come to training in the ways of the force, there is only the jedi and the sith. Where the jedi have power, they lack the knowledge of their potential which thus makes them weak. The sith, thou not all, relize the power of the force and embrase it for their desires. Why then would one train to understand the force, and then deny himself the right to use it? It is for these reasons I seek your training.


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                    "Very well. I accept you as my apprentice and shall start your training soon."

                    :: with that said, Trace turned and left the Recruitment center, leaving Slayn to be greeted and possibly even interrogated by the other Sith of the Empire. ::


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                      *Watching his master walk away...He was content and new hard training was soon to be at hand..*