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  • Dalethria Mal Pannis

    The young Sith continues his diligent wait, hoping that the master he has chosen will accept him. He looks about the room, as the others come and go. He waits in utter silence, not willing to leave this place until she has heard him....

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    The large Sith Master steps forth, rising from his place as one of the members of the TSE Council.

    “You can speak to me and I will inform you of where it is you belong.”

    He stood at a touch over seven feet tall, nine inch tusks adorning his face and a look that could pierce through stone.

    “Be quick, or be dead.” His deep voice uttered menacingly.


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      The Sith Lord spoke without fear, nodding his head with respect....

      "I am awaiting training. I have requested her as my master. (in another thread) I am simply awaiting a response. That is all."

      (OOC: I started this thread because the other had a few responses in it and I thought, perhaps, she did not see it. So I opened this one. I hope it does not cause a problem.)


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        OOC: A point worth considering: No one at SWFans, proclaims and starts themselves as a Sith Lord. Good luck trying to get people outside your circle of friends to accept it, without SWFans based training and work to back it.


        “You will not receive any training here. Your application for membership has been rejected. Depart this place now, and do not return, else your end will be at hand.”

        The axe and Sith sword on Ogre’s back, glistened in the faint light of the room, as he peered at the rejected hopeful with stern eyes.


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          Maim Nodded slowly....

          "Very well...."...

          He turned upon his heals and departed...


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            Brother why was he told to leave?