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  • I have come far to request joining

    *A figure enters wearing robes colored in a mixture of dark tans and light browns*

    I am Ghadhean al-Fali, born and raised on a harsh desert planet where latent force abilities and reflexes of an untrained Dark Jedi allowed me to excel as a death commando. Fear and anger were not just my allies, but part of my being. Such work though is not fully apprecitive of the powers i know to have in waiting, i can feel the force everywhere and my path has led me here. On my homeworld i learned the way of the sand and knife, now i wish to learn the way of the Sith and 'Saber.

    I shall await a response here.
    *Folding his arms in front of him the new comer stood perfectly still, passing the time by reveling in still fresh memory of past expierences and battles*

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    *a small blue-elf figure stepped out of the shodows*well hello stranger..welcom to tse..


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      *The Sith Knight stood against the wall in the council room, listening to the words of the Sith wannabe. When finished, Snack spoke out, his voice evil.*

      Welcome to the Sith Empire. You must wait for a Council Member or a Master to welcome you before you are to choose a master for yourself. Those you can choose from are as follows:


      Darth Havok
      Lady Vader [TSO]

      Sith Lords

      Sorsha Kasajian
      Sumor Rayial

      Sith Knights

      Darth Snack
      Darth Varlon
      Raine Sarin
      Vega Van Derveld


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        A gruff voice cut the air like a blade after Darth Snack had finished talking, quiet yet regal.

        Welcome to the Sith Empire.


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          *Takes a moment to allow the others to speak*
          I shall await the coming of a Council Member then. However, when they do i would like to request Darth Snack as my master. I must admit, i find his name to be rather unique. Not quite one you'd expect a Sith to bare. I trust that he will be a good trainer.

          *Bowing slightly to Snack but speaking to all present, Ghadhean again folds his arms and waits*


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            Staying silent, Eve tilted her head lightly as she ran her hand through her blue hair, turning her gaze away from the newcomer. Another one ..


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              He looked at the new comer through dark eyes, looking for a sign of some kind. Anything odd. After finding nothing major, Tempist greeted Ghadhean. "Welcome to The Sith Empire"


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                *The Sith Knight strained to surpress in his laughture. A smirk, however revealed itself on his face.*

                You choose me because of my name and make your assumptions there, rather than any of my techniques I use or my outlandish reputation?


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                  The deeds of many of the members here earn them outlandish reputations. Even on my far away planet we heard the names of many of the vast TSE. Of course, even then your name stood out, no offence of course, its catchy. It stands to highlight that reputation and techniques you mentioned. I have been lurking and ive seen fights, duels, and know a few names and a few people: and one Snack.

                  *Still standing perfectly still Ghadhean was facing Snack as he spoke, his dusty tan robes cascading down below his folded arms and looked towards the potential master, his face partially conceled by hood*


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                    *The Knight nodded, his smirk still apparent.*

                    I have many more question to ask you, Ghadhean, but they will be incorperated into your training. Until then, we wait.


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                      *A nod of agreement is all he gives in reply to the Sith Knight, and again waited, uncrossing his arms for a moment in order to crack his knuckles before resuming his previous stance*


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                        'Must be that time of year again' said Sieken standing next to Vega his master...' otherwise welcome to the empire'


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                          "So you have decided upon Snack?" Dalethria's voice carried across the room as she entered the room.

                          Her gaze fell to the Sith Knight, "Perhaps it is time that you ask those questions you wish of your new Apprentice."


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                            As you wish, Lordess Dalethria.

                            *Snack nodded to his master's wife, then returned his attention to Ghadhean. Walking towards his new apprentice, he spoke.*

                            So, even my techniques stand out amongst the crowd? Are you ready to learn these techniques and give yorself to the Sith Ways and to the Sith Empire?


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                              *Giving a nod to first Dalethria and then to his new master*

                              I am ready to learn the techniques, master. I have already decided to give myself to the Sith ways, and with your training i shall give myself to the Sith Empire.

                              *Pausing for a moment*

                              When shall we begin?