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A cloaked figure.

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  • A cloaked figure.

    A cloaked man slowly entered the recruitment center. His black cloak flowing around his body. Stopping he looked around but found noone. Removing the hood from his head he ran a hand through his closely cropped hair as his eyes peirced the air.

    Sweeping back the cloack with his right hand the man revealed a blaster in a holster. Placing his hand on the butt of the blaster he waited, his presence wouldn't go long unnoticed.

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    Sensing an unknow person with a weapon inside the Empire, Poreon sprinted to the entrance chamber, his hand placed tentatively near his lightsaber hilt. Seeing the newcomer, Poreon unhooked his lightsaber from his belt, just incase danger was imminent.

    "Greetings." His voice echoed throughout the chamber. "I am Sith Knight Poreon. Why is it you come to the Empire?"


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      Lance eyed the Sith with removed his hand from the weapon and raised both of them into the air showing that he had no hostile intentions.

      "Please, I have only come to attempt to join your ranks, I will remove my sidearm if it is required." He said with a low baritone voice.


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        Welcome to the Sith Empire, said the masked man, stepping into view.

        Once you have been greeted by a Master, you may choose one of the following to become you Master and tutor in the dark arts.

        Sith Masters

        Lady Vader

        Sith Lords

        Dalethria Mal Pannis
        Sorsha Kasajian
        Sumor Rayial

        Sith Knights

        Darth Varlon
        Raine Sarin
        Vega Van Derveld


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          "Welcome to TSE"


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            With a threat no more, Poreon replaced his saber to his belt. He bowed respectfully to the newcomer.

            "Welcome to the Sith Empire."


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              Lance nodded slightly in acknowledgement of their welcome.

              "My thanks."

              Turning he looked at Vega.

              "The one I would like to call Master is not on the list I have selected. If Master Lynch would make an exception and take me on as his apprentice I would like to choose him."


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                We shall see when Master Lynch arrives whether or not your request will be accepted..


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                  A tapping sound echos throughout the room as the Sith enters with a long staff in his hand that hits the metallic floor of the room as he walks towards those gathered.

                  Turning his one good eye towards the new arrival the Sith Master stares at him with disintrest.

                  "Why are you here?"


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                    Lance eyed the Sith Master carefully. Was this winged man the one he had heard in hushed conversations in various cantina's throughout the galaxy? He shook that thought out of his mind, it must be, he doubted highly that their were many like the man that had been described by many, and that was standing in front of him now.

                    Bowing his head in respect he collected his thoughts before speaking.

                    "I have come to become one of the few who garner true fear at the sound of their name, as yours does. I wish to be tought in the ways of the Sith so that I may go out in the name of you and the empire that I serve and bring pain and suffering to those who oppose our ways, if only for the enjoyment of carrying out such acts."

                    Anyone who could see his eyes could see the slight glint in Lance's eyes as an evil grin crossed over his face at the thought of killing only for the sake of killing slipped through his lips.


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                      The man looked to have that of a killing shine in his eye as he spoke noted the Sith Master. Yes this one would enjoy the act of dispatching those who would cross his path, that Lynch could sense easily enough.

                      "Pretty words indeed."

                      Letting a chuckle escape his lips the Sith moved to the side of the man letting the staff he carried hit the floor every so often as he moved.

                      "Pretty words can be used for many things. They can be used to suck up to a person. They can be used to lace the worse of circumstances with sugar coated lies that could bring ones death to oneself when he who speaks brings a blade to ones throat...."

                      Reaching out with one arm the Sith hooked his arm around the new arrivals throat as he pulled out a blade holding it to the Baytman skin, the blade causing a drop of blood to run down this flesh.

                      ".....and slits it. Tell me this, why do you think you are ready for the path of darkness? Why do you think you can withstand the pain and misery that you shall force on the universe? Can you do that? Would you do that? Why should I listen? Why shouldnt I slit your throat right now and watch your last breath?"


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                        Lance didn't even flinch as the Sith Master grabbed him, nor did he struggle as the knife drew blood. It was not the first time that he was in a position such as this, but it was the first time a Sith, at least one he knew for sure was a Sith, was holding the knife.

                        "I am not ready for path of darkness, I am already there. I have lived in the dark, I have killed in the dark, and I have been killed by the dark. I am here not to walk the path of darkness, but to walk the path of the Sith, a path that rises far above just mer darkness.

                        When one lives in the darkness for as long as I have you learn to ignore the pain and misery around you, I have not only done that I have learned to enjoy it, whether I be the one inflicting it, or just simply watching others inflict it.

                        I have no answer to your final question. I have come here to learn from you. My life is yours to do with as you wish. If you feel I am not worthy of your teachings you may end my quest here and now. The decision is in your hands, as is my life.... and death."


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                          To take a life was simplicity in itself. All one had to do was merely have the will for it and the lack of compassion to be affected by it. To give a life was much harder in times when it would be far easier to sacrifice it for a greater order. In this instance Baytman had found the correct words to ensure his life had not ended with a mere slice of a blade.

                          "The darkness is not forgiving of failure nor in the dark side of the force is any room for those sympathetic to the weak. The lambs below are only tools for us to use in the greater design of the universe, they will breed for our use and die when it is our decree. If you prove no better then them your life shall be cut short in a flash with no word or lose of tears, are you so sure this is your path? To come here and try to accomplish what so many fail at? Do you have the resilience to face what happens and the blood that shall be spelt at your hand. You say you killed. Here you will not learn to kill, you will learn to masscre those that do not follow the proper way of the universe."


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                            Lance studied the Masters words in his head, dissecting them and coming up with the words that he thought best answered the Sith.

                            "Failure is not an option for me. I would sooner take my own life then suffer the indignation of failure. Lambs are meant to be eaten by the wolves. I did not receive my reputation and nickname as a lamb, I am a wolf in the truest sense. This is my path, and in my wake lay the decapitated bodies of those that stood in my way of getting here. I know how to kill it is something that I have become so adept... so great... so proficient that I crave it now. Teach me your ways, and give me your guidance so that I can feed those cravings with purpose and meaning... in the name of this glorious empire."


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                              Quickly as the blade had been put to Baytmans throat it was removed with only a single drop of blood on the mans throat as a sign it had been there.

                              "Many fail to understand the true path of darkness. To understand the dark side of the force one most be more then merely evil or have a dark heart. Although currently I'am not taking apprentices I'll make an exception in your case. Let us see where the path of darkness takes you. To a path of doom or a path of triumph. It will be one or the other for if you fail I shall kill you myself."

                              Walking off not bothering to stare the man in the eye the Sith let his staff tap along the floor as he left the room.

                              "Follow me if you dare. If you get lost you should be able to find your way...if not then do try to stay away from the natives."