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  • Wanders In

    Walks in the room and is age 9 and folds his arms as his eyes glow with hatred and is seeking a Master who can guide him through the DarkSide.

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    A small chuckel came from the back of the room, and he said in as kind of words as he could 'Welcome to the Sith Empire Ninja'...


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      Looks up and says " Im in need of a master and im willing to learn and also destroy my enemies who ruined my familys name and honor.


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        *Watching the child steadily, MnT could not help but wonder just what a boy of such young age could actually hope to accomplish.. Even the swiftest of ninjas needed good solid muscle-mass, and the strength needed to prove effective in fighting was simply not something most 9 year olds had.. If he was accepted, he'd have to hope to get a LOT of control in the force, and fast..*

        ... Welcome to the Empire..

        *The voice seemed to come from nowhere, for even as the boy turned to see who had spoken the phrase, he could see no-one.. MnT's normal black attire, baggy cargos, tank-top, and trenchcoat, combined with his long dark hair, helped to almost completely conceal him in the shadow..*


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          A quiet, yet gruff voice came from the shadows as the Sith Knight named Vega Van-Derveld stepped into view, trenchcoat trailing behind him.

          Welcome to the Sith Empire.


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            *Another voice from the shadows followed by the shimmer ofa dagger being flipped into the air slightly and then falling back down to it's owner revealed the posision of the seventeen-year old Zabrakian Sith Knight.*

            "Welcome to The Sith Empire, ShungJiro. A master or council member should be along to properly greet you shortly. In the meantime here is a list of those currently able to train you.

            Sith Masters

            Lady Vader

            Sith Lords

            Dalethria Mal Pannis
            Sorsha Kasajian
            Sumor Rayial

            Sith Knights

            Darth Varlon
            Raine Sarin
            Vega Van Derveld "


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              Thank you all and he looks at the list of the Sith Lords and thinks who is Sumor Rayial?


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                **Sumor had entered the council room after the new hopefull. Listening to both his words and his thoughts. He always found it interesting the thoughts that flowed through the minds of those who looked to join the ranks of the Sith Empire. Hearing his name in Shung Jiro's mind, he responded kind, in Shung Jiro's mind.**

                I am Lord Rayial.

                **He watched as the young man in the center of the room swing around to find Sumor looking at him.

                Walking forward Sumor's hard soled combat boots echoed through the room until he too his council seat.**

                Now you know who I am... but who are you?


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                  bows to Lord Ravial in respect and says " My name is ShungJiro and I wished to joined the Sith Empire and also master the Sith Arts. Im looking for a master who can guide me and also showed me the true power of the Sith.


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                    I have the power as a member of the Sith Council to welcome you to the empire.

                    **Sumor paused for a moment.**

                    As for your choice in a master and teacher, that is for only you to decide.


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                      Which master is available right now?


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                        Sith Knight Raine has already given you the list of available masters. You can pick anyone from that list that you choose.


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                          How about Sorsha ?


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                            :: Sorsha steps forward as the boy speaks her name ::

                            "Are you willing to sacrifice your life to me and become a demon? There will be no turning back for you, so think carefully before you awnser me."

                            :: Her eyes flash over bright gold as she locks him in her gaze like a serpent waiting to strike ::


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                              Looks at Sorsha as his eyes glow but doesnt flinches as he shows no fear . I will do anything for you.