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    A figure's soulless yet blatantly dark shadow danced upon the numerous arches plaguing the dim chamber after tasting the flicker of red and orange flame resonating in an endless melody. Yet as the figure's multiple forms leapt in unruly unison upon the age-bitten cobblestone, the true figure remained prominent in the foreground with a cringe deeply etched in his lips with the aura of a monolithic edifice frozen in time.

    Even the ire-stricken man knew not precisely his purpose for illuminating himself in such nostalgic confines: perhaps it was the lust to embrace a piece of the dark side's quintessence and all its glory, or even due to the revival of a lost and harmonious intuition resurrected from the ancient depths of his psyche. What was certain was that a miraculous force greater than him, or even existence itself, presented itself before him in this gothic chamber of despair and suffering.

    Why now...why in this place?

    The answer did not come to him, nor had it ever when queries as that dominated his every thought and word. Hours of anguish and analytical observation never solved everlasting expressions distinguishing these abnormalities in any greater sense, though each method offered one mere and redundant truth - rage; rage for account of ignorance, ignorance for account of question, and question for account my answer.

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    Standing in the shadows, tempist looked out at this newcomer. He seemed strange.... very intelegent.

    "Welcome to TSE, if admitance is what you seek, than you have to wait to be greeted by a master."


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      Poreon watched this mysterious newcomer. Darkness defined this being. So viciously contorted by dark thoughts, Poreon could not make out any definet features of this Dark.

      "I am Sith Knight Poreon. Dakness consumes you, does it not?"


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        Slightly startled by the deep bellow that proved to emit a heavy rumble among the pillars, Vakhar quickly rose his head from the great depth of contemplation he had been all so enveloped in. An echo duplicating the man's eerie voice continued to boom throughout the soil-driven walls as Vakhar subtly averted his posture in distinction to the robed Knight.

        ...So you tell me of a possible alternative meaning to arise in the heart of darkness?

        Vakhar's silent thought resonated in his head for a moment before concluding that it may have implied impudence if spoken. He was in need of null to acquire additional foes at the moment, moreover he acknowledged this and his silence sufficed as reluctance to sarcasm. All that remained audible was the consistent and hollow drip of clear rain water, amounting from the harsh night before, shattering with impact upon a monstrous gargoyle fixed atop a crippled alter.

        "...The darkness consumes both body and soul for the divine will of the dark side."


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          :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial nods to the newcomer ::


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            Watching, some distance from his Master, Vega smirked slightly. Words laced with such a sweet syrup, he thought to himself as he peered at the man from behind his mask.


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              "Indeed, it appears. Only after much inner sanctum though, will you truely know if the Darkness consumes you. After many trials, after many teachings, only then will the answer be crystal clear and there will be no second guessing."

              Poreon clasped his arms together beneath his robe. His nub hand sending faint tinglings through the remainder of his arm.


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                Athena watched as the new comer spoke to Poren. As she entered she noticed her master and a fellow apprentice to Dara. She walked over to the two and nodded. Then she looked back at the Sith knight and the hopeful newest member of TSE.


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                  Sitting in a seat across the room, Ogre had remained silent during the beginnings of this beings introductions and queries in regards to joining the Empire. He listened with what didn’t really appear to be too much interest, as he seemed lost in thought, his mind dwelling on other matters right now.

                  His head shook slightly as he brought himself back to the here and now and focused on the one who sought admittance.

                  “Welcome to the Empire.”

                  He said plainly, with no hint of emotion in his voice, only a distant tone.


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                    You have my apology for the belated reply. As a sidenote, I choose Poreon to be Vakhar's master.


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                      You might go ahead and RP your request, but I'm sure you planned to.. As for your apology.. Well, as a rule round these parts, Real Life comes first... So no worries on your reply time.. =)

                      Some very nice posts by the way..