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Anybody Got the guts to be the master of Legion?

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  • Anybody Got the guts to be the master of Legion?

    Stands chuckiling.

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    "I would, but I am still not a high enough rank. There are knights and lords more than strong enough to train you though, so be patient. By the way, you haveto wait for a master to greet you if you do want to join. Welcome to TSE"


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      We'll see. Prety ragged bunch lately for Masters. Half are ither dead or on vacations. No worries Temps we know one another.A few of my toys entertained you a while back, Blew a hole through the bar.

      * sits down and pulls his cloak around himself. His hat slightly tilted the Hatted fiend awaits a Master.


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        The Lupine Sith Knight watched Tempist and the newcomer talking from his position at the side of the Council room, eyes squinting slightly. As he spoke of the masters available, Vega gave a low growl which evolved into a sneer.


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          "And if you feel that way ..." Dalethria extended a hand towards the Council Room doors from her Council seat, "... you can take your leave. That simple Legion. Disrespectful notions continued and you will find yourself six feet under."


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            "I remember you now.... that weak excuse for an opponent was your creation? Ha, a crafter of beings so weak doesnt belong here, you would disgrace our empire."


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              *Lord Firebird walks in...*
              Oh, I know this one. He is the master of humor, and other things that are not needed. This one is a disgrace to so many it's not funny. I think someone should show him the door before I do it myself...


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                Sits and ignores priss01, the batman and the girl who speaks of digging but couldn't even dig two inch hole in RL.

                Sad actually that the Sith are reduced to you as their spokespeople. Now my Dramaqueens, of the Masters ranks they must contain one with fortitude to be the master of Legion?

                I'll await Him or her till none come which confirms my belief that your Empire is run by the needs for Moonlitwalks and softspeech of love. If that be the case then I will gladdly leave you for darker grounds. Or one of you pushes the ban button like a good little wheeping *****.

                OOC: Har har har.


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                  We wouldnt take a little egotestical turd like you because you couldnt be a Sith if you tried.

                  Say goodbye @#%$ face.


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                    Stonepaw, I suggest you leave SWFans before clanpages gets back online. :mad:

                    Don't ban him, Jedah. I want the pleasure of shredding him into bloody little pieces. :evil:


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                      On second thought, just ban him. I despise people like this and they aren't worth my time.


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                        Already done.

                        I put down my foot when it comes to such jackasses as this guy.


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                          Saddest thing is that he probably honestly believes he's cool, acting like such an ignorant turd.

                          Insult the masters then ask to join? Moron..


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                            Trust me, his track record speaks for itself....