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    Through the dark clouds swirling above the planet, a shuttle clears it's path. The dark clouds seem to merely part, allowing it access to the planet below. The Sith, born of an ancient tradition, named Targon Nadd, makes his way from the Lambda Class shuttle as it docks, the venting gasses and steam swirling around his battle armor enshrouded form.

    With silent movement, he makes his way towards the chambers of legend. His path paved long before these steps were taken. As he enters the temple, his head lowers slightly, a sign of respect for those who master here. He moves to the center of the chambers, kneeling and resting his hands across his right, raised, knee. He waits, never breaking his silent stature, merely waits...


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    Athena waited and watched as this new person entered. She had seen so many come here and not to many stay. Athena noted his postion and wondered if the masters would let him stay that way for long. Personally she thought it might be funny if they did. She was not one to speak here and she nodded and thought it best wait.


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      Athena felt something brush against her side and noticed that the elder (sorta) Sha daugther was standing next to her.

      "Who's this guy?"


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        *Raine leaned against one of the pillars in the council room, encased in shadows. The only things that could be seen of him was part of the dark blue, almost black cloak he wore as well as the light glint of light that occasionally was seen as he once again was slightly flipping a dagger casually into into the air, catching it by the handle every time. He watched the newcomer with interest, wondering how much longer he would have to stay like that before the council would allow him to rise. The Sith Knight glanced over at Athena and Sierra before returning his gaze to the new arrival, a slight smirk of amusement playing on his face.*


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          Targon cared little for how long he must remain this way. He had waited many years, before he and the clan felt he was ready for this journey. Now, he would wait as long as he had to, before the exalted leaders of this renowned band of Sith would address him. If this never came to pass, then there would be a new monument upon the floor in the center of the council chambers. A set of armor, and the mortal husk of a diligent man.


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            She noticed a few members of the Empire assembled here, trying to gain insight into who this being was.

            Dalethria eyed Targon from her Council Seat, thinking that it was time for him to formally introduce himself, "Rise stranger. I am Dalethria Mal Pannis, Sith Lordess of the Empire. Who are you and why have you come here?"


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              Freshly having entered human form, Vega watched the newcomer with a certain lust he did not normally posses in such circumstances - to wrip out the newcomers insides and, quite hastily, eat them.

              Dismissing the thought from his brain he stood staring intently, a slightly unnerving smirk on his face.


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                Targon slowly rose to his feet, looking to ensure his head never rose above the council members, in this their hallowed chamber. He spoke slowly, but with clarity of purpose and meaning.

                "I, and Targon Nadd of Onderon. I come only to seak training, in the ways of the Dark Force. I am your vessel, mold me into your direction. This is my only request, of the hallowed council of the Sith Empire."

                Targon returned to silence, hoping his respect was properly conveyed to the council. He remained silent until asked to speak again.



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                  Athena looks sorta over at the sha daughter. She smiled and then shruged..

                  " I dont know 'yet' . "

                  Athena turned to listent to her sister as she spoke.


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                    :: The soles of Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial's leather boots treaded silently into the Recruitment area as she looked upon the newcomer, her green eyes giving off a glint of crimson before fading to the darkness which enshrouded her form completely.

                    Dara gave a nod to her apprentices Raine, Vega, and Athena and her blood sister Dalethria. The Lordess then folded her hands behind her back and shifted her gaze back to the newcomer, observing his responses and demeanor ::


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                      "Just training?" Dalethria tilted her head curiously, "All who come here have hidden motives or at least ... desires to why they come. Is your life all training or is there something more?"


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                        She mouthed an "oh" and continued watching.


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                          "Training takes up enough of my time. I wish to be the best, and in order to do so, one must learn from the best and be around the best. And so, I have come here."


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                            "Very well. If that is your desire ...

                            Here are those that are available to take on Apprentices."

                            Sith Masters

                            Darth Havok
                            Lady Vader

                            Sith Lords

                            Sorsha Kasajian
                            Sumor Rayial

                            Sith Knights

                            Darth Varlon
                            Raine Sarin
                            Vega Van Derveld

                            OOC~ I do suggest looking over the training grounds and our website to get a feel for our group and those able to train


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                              OOC: Eep ยก^_^ when'd I become available?