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Requesting the honor of casteship

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  • Requesting the honor of casteship

    A dark robed figure steps into the chamber. He walks with an air of mystery about him, his feet hidden by the black with gold trim robes such that he appears to be hovering. He seems to be a harmless, robed vagrant at first, but a glint of light on the two sabers at his side prove otherwise. He also carries, beneath his robes on a frogged bandolier, a long wooden sheath containing an ancient by nicely kept katana. The man throws back his hood, revealing a young but pained face. He appears to be no more than 30, with short, dark-brown hair and brown eyes. The man takes a seat on the concrete floor, and raises his head, preparing to speak:
    "I come to request the honor of joining this caste. I am Jodah, of the Keep at Giva. Such as mine's appearance may not be of the most apt, and for this I apologize. I come from far away. My preferred speech would be with the Darth Snack, but another is acceptable. My studies of this area simply revealed him to be most appropriate to my style." The man then lowers his head. From a small pouch on the sash of his robe he pulls a wooden cylinder and a steel stiletto with a cache-blade. After releasing the catch on the knife he begins to turn the cylinder in his hand, running the blade around it in a primitive attempt at lathework.

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    *The Dark Knight lurked in the shadows, watching this new prospect enter the room and take a seat. Studying him carefully, Snack remained silent. The man did not seem too harmful, but that meant nothing. Looks are very deceiving. He then spoke, at then Snack payed some attention to the words. His eyes shot to the man, though, when he asked to speak with him personally. Allowing Jodah to finish, Snack stayed quiet, making him wait. Still keeping his eyes on the new person, Snack took in what he could. He watched as he played with a knife type thing for a few minutes, then decided to speak up.*

    A speech to one is a speech to all. Say what you wish to say.


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      Jodah looked up. He put the knife and wood away, and stared Darth Snack in the eyes. Years of training had given his eyes a knack at seeing through darkness. He spoke, as commanded:"If such is your wish than such you recieve, though 'all' does not seem appropriate to the grounds at the moment. As before I explained, I am Jodah Starlen, of the High Keep at Giva. I come from Giva, ancient and long-lost in the Space, seeking training in the ways of the Darkness. Arcane power has become all-too trivial for me. I have had minor training, and can do enough to get by, but not close enough to what I feel may be attainable by even the weakest. Your reputation precedes you, Lord, and hence I have requested your training. As I have said, anyone of skill is acceptable to me though. Beggars cannot choose their donated, such is my way and surely exists elsewhere."


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        Shadows can hide even what the best of eye sight can see....

        *With a slight smirk, Snack stepped forward out into the open. He had his black robes draped over him, his hood hanging loosely over his shoulders and back.*

        It is not my say whether or not you can join us. For that, you must wait for a Council Member to greet you. Then, shall I give my answer.


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          Jodah's face sags a bit, but only for a moment."Such is as well. I suppose that I shall wait then. Thie place seems to be well-kept, I trust the wait shan't be too long."He then pulls out his knife a wood and begins again to work on the knife handle...


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            "I don't see why you should have to choose another Master to train you if you feel most comfortable with Snack." Dalethria had heard most of the conversation as soon as she entered the Council Room. This being was interesting and to strengthen the Empire, more individuals are needed amongst her ranks.

            She looked to Jodah and then shifted her eyes to Snack, "That is of course our Sith Knight is willing to take you under his wing."


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              Jodah stands up, putting away his woodwork and looking at both of the trained Sith. He places his hands in the sleeves of their opposite arm and bows slightly to each."Thank you m'lady. As I said, I wish no impudence by suggesting the Knight's superiority. I was simply drawn the most by his style in my studies. I would also not wish to press myself upon Lord Snack, it would be dishonorable to do such. All I wish is a trainer, that I may further my education in the Force Arts."


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                A trainer you already have...

                *His glanced turned from Jodah to Dale. With a nod of thanks and a small smirk, Snack returned his attention to his new Disciple.*


                *He turned around, and exited the room with his cloak flowing behind him.*

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                  Jodah bowed his head slightly in reverance and did so, walking out of the chamber.

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