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  • *enters*

    Her normal Jedi robes and her cloak flowing around her, her light bluish hair pulled back in a messy bun, and her midnight blue eyes lined with fatigue from her journey here, Kasi entered the large building not knowing for sure why she was there.

    As she entered the building a chill was sent up her spine. This chill was something she generally accosiated with the dark side of the force... The Dark Side, something she had long fought against.... The Dark Side, Something... that she would fight against no longer...

    "Hello?" she called out hesitantly from the entrance hall the the Sith Empire Building.

    Fear, was an emotion that she had not felt in a long time, certainly she was not feeling it now... what she was feeling was more like.... uncertainty. Yes, that was it.... she was feeling uncertain...

    "I'm J-" she started, stopping herself as she realized that she had almost used the title of Jedi in front of her name.... it was something that she was all too used to.

    Just thinking of the word Jedi, she could almost see her master's dissapointed expression if she knew that Kasi were where she was...

    "I'm Kasi, a former Jedi Knight at The Gungan Council, and former apprentice to the Jedi Master Organa Solo..."

    Pausing for effect Kasi realized just how odd the word [/i]former[i] sounded in that sentence... About a month ago she would have introduced herself in much the same manner... except she would have still been a jedi knight and apprentice to OS.... but no... she had decided to leave... Bored of the Jedi life, she had left... letting no one know where or why she had gone...

    Taking a deep breath she continued speaking...

    "I'm here to be trained in the dark arts of the sith..."

    The girl who was once a jedi now stood there, uncertain, yet calm... Waiting for an answer... or even just for someone to acknowledge the fact that she was there....

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    *The Knight stood in the shadows, holding onto his right elbow with his left hand. He brought his fingertips up along the white bandages from elbow to wrist, sensing his own pain forming into dark power. He knew who this girl was. He had faought beside her many times back when he served TGC and the Jedi. But those days were long gone.*

    Kasi... why are you here? Why do you wish to be trained as a Sith?

    *His voice dark and low.*


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      Hears a familiar voice from behind her.... one that she had not heard in a long time...

      "Snack?" She asked, turning around to face the direction from which the voice was coming...

      Hearing Snack's voice brought back memories from her days on TGC right after she had earned her title as Jedi Knight... But that was a long time ago...

      "What are you doing here?" she asked in responce to his question... and Snack's question was a good one... Why was she there? Why did she want to be trained as a Sith? Those were questions she had asked herself many times... but still she was not totally sure of the answers... She knew however why she wasn't at TGC... she had left there and gone back many times.... and this time she had once again left... and had decided not to go crawling back...


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        *A small grin formed itself on Snack's lips. The question asked by Kasi was almost repetative and stupid.*

        Oh, I dunno... just decided to come here and heal up the wounded.

        *He lifted his right arm, displaying the white cloth taped around it.*

        And your answer?


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          Knowing that Snack was going to ask that question, Kasi sighs.

          "I kind of left TGC....again.... and couldn't think of anywhere else to go..."

          As She finishes her answer Kasi wishes she could have thought of a better one, but knows that there really isn't one...

          "Er.... by the way... what happened to your arm?"


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            It was a the price I had to pay in order to strengthen my fighting skills.

            *The Knight began to walk towards her, his face calm yet strained.*

            You have left them many times, and we should assume you would stay with us? Why not just go the Greater Jedi Order?

            *He let out a sigh as he stopped only a foot away in front of her. Placing his left hand on her left shoulder, Snack began to squeeze, digging his fingers into her skin.*

            And I ask again, why do you wish to become a Sith?

            *His voice became a bit more irritated.*


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              * Watching on as snack persacuted the new one a smile riped it's way to the surface of slayn's face. This was a treat and overly amusing with a short luagh slayn gave his position just past a pilar in it's shadow. *



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                A sickening shudder shot up the Sith Knights back as he lurched out from his position in the shadows to look down his nose at the new arrival. An ex-Jedi. His eyes lit up as he thought of it. Fallen Jedi. It made the hairs on the back of his neck tingle. It always gave him, for some reason, some dark pleasure to fight along side his enemies - and the reason was, in his mind, that one day everyone falls, and the reformed lightsiders would fall by the hands of their former allies.


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                  Trying to ignore Snack's grip on her shoulder, and that fact that many others had now come to listen, she answered,

                  "I did not want to go to the Greater Jedi Order.... Part of the Reason I left TGC again was because I had become tired of the Jedi life..."


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                    Don't we all?

                    *Snack relinquished his grip on her shoulder, pushing her to the side. The Knight walked past the presumed fallen Jedi. Once a few feet away, with his back facing her, he began to speak again.*

                    The way of the Dark Side is not easy. The road to ultimate power is long, filled with personal pain and suffering. Can you handle this?


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                      With a slight smile on her face, she replied...

                      "Yes... I believe I can."


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                        Athena watched as the Snack worked the poor Ex-jedi. Athena thought the girl was going to burst into tears. Yet she didnt. She didnt say a word, she very rarely did around here. Athena watched from the shadows, watched and waited.


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                          Can you now?

                          *The joy of tormenting Kasi brought a sick and twisted smile upon Snack's face. Still with his back facing her, he reached out through the Force gripping her by the neck. He waited, choking the air out of her system for ten seconds, then stopped. Snack turned his face to lok over his shoulder, seeing Kasi gasp for air.*

                          Then await word from a Master, then choose who you wish to train you.

                          Sith Masters

                          Darth Havok
                          Lady Vader [TSO]

                          Sith Lords

                          Sorsha Kasajian

                          Sith Knights

                          Darth Snack
                          Darth Varlon
                          Raine Sarin
                          Vega Van Derveld

                          edit: wrong tense of a word. :x


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                            Appearing behind Athena, she simply posed her cold hand on Athena's shoulder. Ex-Jedi ..? Ugh. As Athena looked over her shoulder, Eve simply rested a finger on her own lips and sent a message through the Force.

                            Who's that ..?


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                              Athena turned and saw Eve's finger on her lips then heard the message. She nodded and then looked back at Snack and the Ex-Jedi.....Athena returned the information Eve seeked.

                              Someone Snack knows from his time as a Jedi. I think hes trying to see if she will break. Who do you think she will choose for a master?