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    Dameon Ardane walks into the great Sith Empire. He glances about looking for one thing, a Master. He runs his hand over his shaved head looking through his black goggle lenses, "...This is the Empire I was told of, Impressive Indeed..."

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    "Indeed, I agree."

    Eve tilted her head to the side, looking at the newcomer. She crossed her arms in her back, holding her elbows, standing in front of her motorcycle, Gospel/Cloud.

    "May I ask who you are ?"


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      [i]Dameon turned and looks to Eve, he tilted his head at her looking her over then finally answered, "...My name is Dameon...I seek a Master to teach me in the dark ways..."

      Held out his hand to the side showing he had no weapons and that his intentions are true, "...A Friend told me of this place and so I came here to find a Master, a certain one person really..."


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        A voice came from behind Dameon.

        "And whom may that be?" Dalethria's face and body were shrouded by her cloak as she stood behind this prospect for the Empire.


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          Dameon once again turns to address the lady who appeared behind him, "...I was hoping Sumor Rayial would become my Master...I heard good things about him, but im not sure if he is accepting any new apprentices..." He bowed his head to the lady of darkness, "...Sorry, my name is Dameon and yes i wish to join this Empire..."


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            "Yes, Lord Rayial is indeed an impressive teacher but he is not available to train. Here are those Masters that are. Please feel free to look at the Training Grounds to get a feel for a Master that will work well with you."

            Sith Masters

            Darth Havok
            Lady Vader

            Sith Lords:

            Dalethria Mal Pannis
            Dara Shadowtide Rayial
            Sorsha Kasajian

            Sith Knights:

            Darth Varlon
            Raine Sarin
            Vega Van Derveld

            OOC~ I also suggest looking over the website so you know what we are all about as well as more information about the available Masters.


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              "Umm ..."

              Without looking behind, Eve immediately knew it was Lordess Dalethria. She simply remained silent, curious about Dameon's choice.


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                Dameon glances over the list, he then lifts his head removing the goggles from his eyes, his silver eyes shining as the light reflects off them, "...I've made a decision...I choose you..."


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                  Before Dameon responded, Dalethria looked over at Rama's Apprentice, "You have been a member here for sometime now, Eve. You need not to hold your tongue."

                  The Lordess turned at the sound of the newcomer's decision and pulled off her hood, taking note of his unique eyes. They were bright and silver, much like the earing dangling off her right ear, "Why have you decided upon myself?"


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                    Dameon looked to her, "...Well, you hold many apprentices, so that shows me you know what your doing and that you have experience in teaching...Plus you were the first person, who was on the list, to greet me, so maybe that shows interest in me...either that or it's just your job to greet newcomers..."


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                      :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial watches from the shadows of the back of the recruitment area, her green eyes watching the newcomer ::


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                        Dalethria stepped forward, invading Dameon's personal space as her eyes burned deep into his, "Are you sure this is the path you wish to walk? To learn the Dark Arts is a diffcult task ... so I ask you this..."

                        Her blue eyes disappeared and were replaced with brilliant hot white light, "... will you finish what you started?"


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                          Dameon shut his eyes, he then lifted up his hand and pulle his goggles down covering his eyes once more, "...The Darkness is my path...And i will finish what i start, I never quit..." He looked to her, "...Will you train me in the dark arts and help me enhance my abilities?.."[i] He had a small amount of force power and a little in combat training, but he was weak compared to many others and he knew he needed a master to grow.


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                            With a simple thought, the goggles that covered Dameon's eyes were lifted off to rest on his head, "To stare into the eyes of another is to stare into their soul."

                            She reflected on what this newcomer said and as her unwavering stare glared deep into his psyche ... she stepped back, pulling up her hood, "Meet me in the training grounds."

                            That was all the Lordess said as she turned around and left the Council Room.


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                              Dameon watched her disappear from sight. He reached up and grabbed his goggles placing them back over his eyes and then soon followed his Master.