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A scoundrel arrives...

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  • A scoundrel arrives...

    The scoundrel turned darksider steps into the council chambers, padding softly on barefeet, long strands of black hair hang in his face. The raised thrones of the sith masters encircle him, their occupants engulfed in shadows, eyes scrutinizing him no less. The scoundrel is clothed in but a single black robe, throwing his head back reveals a slightly maniacal grin, his pale eyes roll across the masters seated directly before him. Roth had expected a cavern with lit torches but this dimly lit chamber is pleasing nonetheless.

    He finally speaks, "Great Council of the Sith, I am Rothmar Dujek and I am requesting to be accepted into apprenticship of this great empire!"

    Pivoting in the center of the chamber, his eyes drift over the raised thrones and the darksiders seated upon. Within the shadows of some of the seats are twin burning embers, eyes red with slain innocence. For the first time he notices the frost of his every breathe, while waiting for the council's judgement...

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    --Gitane kept silent, standing amidst the shadows as she eyed the new-comer. Pushing a strand of dark hair from her face, she moved forward. To her side was a small girl, stumbling difficultly and clutching her hand. Gitane tilt her head in intrest before she began to speak.--

    "Welcome, Rothmar Dujek. My name is Gitane Van-Derveld, and this is my daughter. Wait here for a Council member to great you, s'il vous plait."


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      A voice calls out from among the shadows, a young woman with child has stepped into the light. Gitane introduces herself with a kind welcome and instruction.

      He responds, "Greetings Gitane Van-Derveld, tis my pleasure. I shall await."

      He bows curtly with a small grin.


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        :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial watches the newcomer as she leans unabashedly against a wall at the side of the council room with her arms folded in front of her. Evil smolders deep within her as darkness encompasses her entire being. Her eyes flash a deep crimson momentarily and then she straightens her stance and folds her hands behind her back, inclining her head in a small nod to him as he awaits a council member's greeting ::


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          Rothmar holds his right hand clasped on his left wrist before him, he can feel the darkside emanating through the chamber like electrical current in the air. He lets it flow through his being when he sees a woman of startling dark beauty emerge from the shadows by the wall. She moves lithe as a cat and quietly as shadow. Roth grins. She nods. Returning the gesture, he is entranced, eyes held. She is a woman of great power, one not to reckon with. Through the Force, he senses this is a master...


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            Lurking somewhere between Gitane and Dara, a figure clothed in a black robe moves forward a few paces, his head canting to the side as he observes the newcomer.

            Welcome to the Sith Empire, he says in a somewhat hoarse, dry voice, his accent very strong.

            A dark grin forms upon his lips as he folds his arms over his chest, his elongated canines showing only slightly due to the look upon his face.


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              A man steps in between the two women and child. His eyes are closely set like a predator, greeting Rothmar, his voice heavy with an accent Roth can't place yet. Rothmar nods, still awaiting word from the council.


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                "Why should the Empire accept one as yourself into its ranks?" Dalethria said calmly from her Council Seat. Her eyes were focused on the newcomer as she felt out his signature through the Dark Side...


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                  His head pivots in the direction of a voice belonging to a strong female presence, the intonations suggests a trial of sorts. He smiles, responds, "Because I share a common vision with this great empire and it's promulgation. And I desire the complete annihilation of the Jedi and all their allies. I have journeyed here seeking a master, to hone my skills and direct my purpose."


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                    "Our purpose is not only to destroy the Light but to hone the darkness within ourselves."

                    Dalethria saw the aura around Rothmar.The intricate pattern of his power, potential and emotions all swirled together like a maelstrom, "How is it you found yourself on the path you now walk?"


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                      Rothmar scratches chin, recollecting, "A weariness of everything that represents the light which in turn grew into the blackest of hate. The measure of light always pales in comparision to the measure of darkness. I come from a minor house on one of the sixty-three worlds of Hapes.

                      Hapes, of course, was founded and colonized by Lorell pirates during the Old Republic while they preyed on republic trade routes. The house of Dujek is remains dissident, openly rebellious against the matriarch rule of the Queen Mother. The Dujeks are traditionalists, not recognizing Hapan social formalities. Neither do we welcome any alliance between Hapes and the Jedi.

                      Therefore, the present path I have chosen is in my blood."


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                        A rebellious streak born out of a small voice from his homeworld. Dalethria knew of Hapes quite well. Never having been there, it was something that she had read up on. Languages and cultures were something that she was brought up on, being born under nobility through military might. Not too many of the Hapians were brave enough to openly refute the Matriarchal rule.

                        The roots were well planted.

                        "This led you to the Dark Side. What is it you hope to gain if you are accepted to glean its power?"


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                          Rothmar grins, "To contribute to the Sith Empire's advancement across known space, putting all of her enemies underfoot, to promote the darkside with every achievable means, and fulfill personal ambitions."


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                            She smirked, "Very well. May you seek all that you desire. The Dark Side grows stronger as you add your hate, anger and wants to its fold. Choose and choose wisely."

                            Sith Masters

                            Darth Havok
                            Lady Vader

                            Sith Lords:

                            Dalethria Mal Pannis
                            Dara Shadowtide Rayial

                            Sith Knights:

                            Darth Varlon
                            Raine Sarin
                            Vega Van Derveld


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                              His eyes roam over the council chambers, settling on the woman he seen remove herself so elegantly from the shadows. Returning his gaze back to Dalethria, kneeling on one knee he responds,

                              "Thank you, Lordess Dalethria, I shall serve the empire with my utmost loyalty! I choose Dara Shadowtide Rayial as my master!"