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  • Dedication is but a word

    With a sack over her shoulder, Syndell took one last look around and placed a note on the front lobby desk where all at TSE could read it.

    Master Dale,

    I regret to inform you that i am leaving TSE. It would appear i am not yet ready to be apart of a group....or family if you might call it that. i have been on my own far too long and so i should stay that way. I apologize for wasting your time in training me, it has taught me a great deal and i shall carry the knowledge that you have bestowed upon me.

    But there is one thing that shall remain the same. I shall remain loyal to the darkside, and do my best to instill fear into the hearts of those that doubt it's power. Again i bid you farewell. Goodbye to the rest of you here at TSE.

    Syndell Draclau

    With that done she quietly walked through the big exit door. The wind swept in as she opened the door, her hair blowing wild in the wind she continued on her path. Where she would go from here she did not know. But what she did know wa that there was something calling her to a far distant galaxy, something inside her told, commanded her to go there. What she would find was a mystery, but in past times she knew better then not to listen to her instincts. The doors closed nehind her with a loud slam. This would be the last time she would ever set foot at TSE again.

    OOC:Sorry but i had too. After hearing that TSE has nothing to do with TGC i cannot stay. There where big rp's that this character has to do with others that are at TGC. So goodbye, maybe i'll return as someone else.

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      Hasta luego


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        Didn't ask even why fights at TGC don't count here let only any rping? Ceel decided to break away from the swfans universe hence cutting off everything and anything that happens overthere to here. I'm sorry that you have alot of rp's overthere but you could have also done some stuff here too or depending on what the rp's were, we could have talked about it to see what was cool... which most of it probably was.

        Fights and rank acension are the big no no's that we cannot accept because of the different universe. It is like someone coming here RPing with a character from another board and saying I am a Sith Master. That doesn't fly of course. Plot stuff could have been worked in as I said.

        But ... you decided to leave without explaining the entire thing so ... good luck to you. Was fun training you while you were my Apprentice and sorry to see you go.


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          ooc: I don't see why you can't RP there and here at the same time. Just as you know enough to keep what happens over there in that universe, and over here in this universe, and keep them seperate, it is easily done. ( I've been doing it since the break-up, and it's quite easy to keep the two apart) Even though I don't RP there anymore... but that's another story.

          Anywho, have fun and take care.