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A seemingly familiar face walked into the room...

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  • A seemingly familiar face walked into the room...

    Trunks walked into the room in which he had been directed to. He had thought a long time about whether or not he should join the Sith or the Jedi, but then it all boiled down to the question of which he would prefer to use and the dark powers could definitely help him become a better thief so he choose that. Besides he couldn't stand having to watch over everyone else in the midst of a battle like th Jedi do. That is why he was here.

    "Hello. My name is Trunks Yurali and I wish to be trained as a Sith warrior."

    He waited patiently for an answer to his request.

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    She blinked on reflex. This person that came into the Council Room looked just like her Apprentice Miryan ... but it wasn't him. Dalethria could tell from his Force signature that it was someone different. The Lordess held her hand up to cut off Trunks' request, "Training or no training ... who are you and why do you look like my Apprentice?"


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      Trunks was taken aback a little at the woman's rudeness.

      "My name is Trunks Yurali and I have no idea why I look like your apprentice. In fact I met him just today and I was also quite shocked at the resemblance."


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        "Well, considering that you look like Miryan... I want some evidence that you aren't here as a threat to him or the Empire. You might think you're not a threat but having no idea why your appearance resembles him is suspicion enough.

        Let's start we're you're from and how you found yourself here."


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          "I am a nomad and I have been traveling for quite awhile.I have heard about this place for quite awhile and it was just recently that I decided to come here and see what it was all about."


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            :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial enters the back of the recruitment area without a sound and moves to stand in silence at the back of the room observing the newcomer and his responses to her sister's questions ::


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              "Even a nomad has roots. Who took care of you? Surely you would not be alive today if not for someone."


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                "You don't understand.When I say nomad I mean nomad.I was basically left in a space port when I was a small child and then I was picked up by some folks until they got tired of me and dropped me off at a space port and that was how it was until about 2 years ago. When I was about 15 I ran away from the people who had me then because they were using me as a slave and I have been moving from place to place since then."

                Trunks stood there waiting to see what they lady's next question or comment would be.


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                  She had to chuckle, "And you answered my question. You did at one point have someone take care of you."

                  Her eyes turned serious, "Does Miryan have a problem with you being here? I don't want any problems between you two because of these ... strange circumstances."


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                    "I honestly do not know. I haven't said anything to himm about this.In fact I only just recently decided to join. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing as was walking around in the bar that I met him in."


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                      Her eyes narrowed, disappointed in this answer, "To learn of the Dark Side requires discipline and dedication. It is not a spur of the moment thing as you put it. Attitude such as this is not needed here."


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                        "I do not doubt that it takes those qualities, but is it not also the spur of emotions that allows one to travel the way of the Dark Side?"

                        Trunks sat and waited for an answer to his question.He was actually having fun with this philosiphic(sp?) discussion.It was a rare treat that he actually got to enjoy one.


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                          The seemingly disappointed look in her face was replaced with amusment, "Fair enough. Do you trust your instincts? You live by them, letting them carry you from place to place to place. Much like your life was ... or is. You could be gone in a few months, perhaps weeks, and a Master will have wasted their time in training you.

                          Should I believe otherwise?"


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                            "Even I cannot tell you the answer to that. You asked me if I trusted my instincts and now I ask the same thing of you. I may not be the most reliable person in the galaxy, but I have never lied unless it was to protect my life or an investment. All I can do is give you my word that I willn not run away or back down, besides if I do you could always have me killed."

                            He stood there after spoken these words and waited a moment for a response. He was actually beginning to get a little worried that he might be rejected from the Sith.It was not a pleasant thing at all.


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                              "And make no mistake that I personally will kill you if you stray from the fold. Now choose."

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                              Lady Vader

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