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  • slowly walks in

    Hi everybody.

    My first time here.

    May I´m allowed to request to be part of this board.

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    Daegal moves to greet the newcomer.

    [i]"You must await the greeting of either one of the seven council members or a Sith Master. Once greeted, you may choose from the following list of potential masters to request that they accept you as their apprentice. I suggest you take a look at The Training Grounds to see each of their styles."

    Sith Masters

    Darth Havok
    Lady Vader [TSO]

    Sith Lords

    Dalethria Mal Pannis
    Vega Van Derveld
    Raine Sarin
    Darth Varlon

    Sith Knights

    Athena Lady Darknss
    Eve Siren
    Laran Katern


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      I´ll do thnx


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        *The young Sith Lord watched the newcomer from the shadows*

        "Welcome to the Sith Empire."


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          "Thnx my lord" *He said in a low voice.


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            I'd say greets are in order for you stranger.

            :: Rama steps out, and clicks his heels together and gives a slight bow. ::

            I am Rama Sha...Sith Master and Council member at this fine establishment. I welcome you to our humble abowed.

            :: Rama lets the last bit trickle out as he rights himself from the bow. ::

            and who might you be?


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              :: Sith Lordess and Council Member Dara Shadowtide Rayial sits in her council chair and watches Rama speak with the newcomer, her attention focused on what his answers will be ::


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                "My name is Darth Kome, Sir" *Kome bowes his head.

                "I´m a young inexperienced, but prepared to learn, Sith Apprentice"


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                  Welcome to the Sith Empire, newcomer...


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                    Hideing in his useral spot in the rafters Sieken veiwd the new commer and nodded a slight hello to the man as he looked up...


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                      And where do you come from Kome?


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                        "I was told, that I was born on Korriban, Sir. But I was moved to the moon primor as a child"

                        *He looks around. Makes a few steps forward to Sith Lord Vega Van Derveld.

                        "Sir. I was lead by the force to this place, to you."

                        *Kome goes down on his knees.

                        "Am I allowed to ask you if I can be your apprentice my lord. I´m ready to learn and to use the dark side."


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                          Vega looks down at the kneeling newcomer, a slight smirk on his lips. He pauses for a moment or so before speaking, his arms folding over his chest.

                          If Master Rama has no further questionning, I would gladly begin you training immeadiately.


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                            *holds the head bowed awaiting any response of the council members.


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                              No......I have no more questions. You can about your training.