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  • *enters the room*

    a figure clad in dark clothing enters the chamber, his iceberg blue eyes scanned the room from the left to the right, seemingly locking on to any movement, if any, that might present itself. Zephyre glanced around once more, whiping a strand of stray carrot red hair out of his vision.

    "I wish the honor of recruitment into The Sith Empire" He states flatly, before lowering his gaze to a small black velvet pouch on his side, emptying the pouch a few seconds later, he brings out three small spheres, each a different shade of color. One of these spheres is jet black, another dark crimson, and the last, pure white. Zephyre tosses these spheres into the air and holds them in place with a little effort of the Force, circling them around himself. As if playing or trying to entertain himself....

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    Athena was standing with in the shadows of the Recrutment area. She had noticed a figure clad in dark clothing enter the chambers. She smiled as his voice rang off the walls.

    "I wish the honor of recruitment into The Sith Empire"

    " Yes Im sure you do Sir... Welcome so far. I am Athena Sith Knight. And i can only tell you who are able as of now to help you on your path with in the darkness. As followed that are currently taking on apprentices...

    Sith Masters

    Darth Havok
    Lady Vader [TSO]

    Sith Lords

    Dalethria Mal Pannis

    Sith Knights

    Athena Lady Darknss
    Darth Varlon
    Laran Katern
    Raine Sarin
    Vega Van Derveld

    There are many others here whom have a full amount of Apprentices. Please Take the time to look these names over and study their teaching types in the <a href=>Training grounds </a>. Soon a master will be here to welcome you. "


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      Zephyre nods breifly, taking in the advice and information given to him.
      Thinking of the choices he had been given by Lady Athena, he pocketed the
      trio of spheres.

      A few moments later, he began to speak:
      "I would wish to become apprentace to Lord Darth Havok, That is, If he wishes to
      take myself as his apprentace..." Zephyre nodded once, lowering his head
      awaiting an answer.


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        Athena looked at the man and nodded once in return.

        " then you must wait for Master Havok to come and announce his choice. "


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          Dalethria silently waited to see what would be her fellow Council Member's thoughts on taking a new Apprentice. Considering that the newblood had already choosen, she grinned inwardly thinking it best that Havoc should display the proper welcome.


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            Zephyre glanced back up at Athena, nodding again.
            Then glanced at Dalethria Mal Pannis out of the corner of his eye. A mere moment later, a peregin falcon flapped into the chamber, circling once then landing on Zeph's left shoulder, blaceing himself.

            "Well, Hey Rix." the Falcon sqwaked at the sound of its name and peered at both Lady Athena and Lordess Dalethria curiously

            {EDIT:I really need to wrk on my spelling.. ~-~}


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              Athena watched the Falcon then looked at her sister.

              " Why is he playing with a bird? "


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                Zeph smirked, haven 'read' Athena's lips from his point, Rix fluffed its feathers, looking all around

                "Rix here is my 'compainion', so to speak. Hand trained him myself. quite a quick learner if you ask me." Zeph petted the falcon slowly, then picking a small slice of raw meat and offering it to the falcon, whom greedly took it and began to eat.


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                  Athena nods at the man.... then looks at the bird.


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                    “I am Darth Havok…” he says in greeting, speaking from his council chair as he deliberates the matter of the acceptances of this newcomer.

                    “Might I have a name to address you by? And tell us.. What has brought you to the Empire?" he questions..


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                      Zephyre bows before Darth Havok, placing his left hand over his waist and bowing over it,

                      "You may call me Zeph, Lord Havok. What has brought me to the Empire is the past repeating itself. It may sound a bit insane at first, but my story vertifies it. My father was a self taught sith,this is where i deverge from his path,anyway, down to the point. Just shy of ten years ago, a Jedi came to our home. He challenged my father and hence distroyed him, I escaped from the *******. Living on my own for a very very long time. I wish to learn how to beat one as that jedi, and hopefully challenge the ******* to a duel..."


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                        :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial stands at the back of the room, watching the responses of the newcomer in silence as she studies him closely ::


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                          *One of the Knights of the Empire stood behind his Master in the shadows, also watching the newcomer. For an instant he was tempted to throw one of his longer daggers and impale the man's falcon upon it's blade, but quickly decided it wasn't the best thing to do, no matter how much the demented desire made Raine grin under the shadows of his cloak.*


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                            “So your motive is purely vengeance Zeph? So what might your intentions be if and when this Jedi is taken care of? Are you going to remain apart of this Empire? And just use our teaching for your own purpose? Or do you have a better sense of honor then that?” grilling the seemingly seasoned warrior with a barrage of questions Havok’s face remains emotionless as he leans forward in his chair, in hope to learn more of this mans intendments..


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                              [/b]Zeph blinked once, then frowned.[/b]
                              "Yes and No. Vengeance is one part of the pie, so to speak. Once that jedi is taken out, I will continue on with my 'training and life', Not go running off with my training in one hand and smirking... I know if I dedicate my time to something, that I must finish it or else."