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  • Finally!!

    *after three long months of searching i have arrived, i walk in the doors and conforted by the deep connection to the darkside this place has. i look around seing the different members of this great empire and greeting them with either a hello or a nod.* * i walk up to the recruitment desk and ask permission to join in the most humblest manner*

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    The Sith Knight known as Athena was watching with in the shadows as the person made their way into the council room. She finally spoke from with in her hidden area.

    " Welcome to this Empire. You should look over this list of members who can train you at this time. Should the Council approve of your membership here."

    *Athena steps from within the shadows and hands the person a holo player as it shows the names of the accepting masters.*

    Sith Masters

    Darth Havok
    Lady Vader [TSO]

    Sith Lords

    Dalethria Mal Pannis
    Darth Varlon
    Firebird1 (Morale Officer)
    Raine Sarin
    Vega Van Derveld

    Sith Knights

    Athena Lady Darknss
    Eve Siren
    Laran Katern

    Each member on this list is currently accepting new apprentices. Take your time to look them all over. "

    Her voice trailed off as she returned to the darkness from where she came.


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      Watching from his usual position in the Council room, the Lupine Sith Lord gives a light nod to the newcomer before speaking in a regal tone.

      Welcome to the Sith Empire.


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        *Stood a few steps away of his master in a dark corner of the Council room. He noded to the newcomer.


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          :: Sith Lordess and Council Member Dara Shadowtide Rayial rises from her council chair and makes her way to the new applicant to the Empire. Dara nods to her apprentices Athena and Vega, and to new member Darth Kome and then turns her attention to the visitor ::

          "Greetings. I am Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial, one of the leaders of the Empire. I understand that you would like to join our organization. First, I would like to know about how your journey led you here, and what the Dark Side is to you."


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            *Raine watched from his usual place in the shadows, his two toned eyes locked upon the newcomer. This one seemed rather excited about coming to The Sith Empire. Raine smirked, he did not understand this, all the Sith Lord knew of pleasure was upon finding that he was the reason for another's demise. Perhaps the newcomer's tale would explain why their emotions that were so easily laid out for all to see.*


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              greetings to all my name is jenobi the manslayer. my home planet is far way from here. my family has one full of warriors that wielded the powers of the darkside. about four months ago my family went into battle with another family to decide who was the greatest out of them. my father and uncle were the leaders of the battle. i was still in the beginning of my training when the battle started. i tried to help fight but was easly knocked out by a more experienced fighter. when i awoke the battle was over and my father and uncle were decapitated and their head on stakes in front of the other families kingdom. i found my cousin who had survived and started to train me again but we didn't get far as he was killed in his sleep by the other family. as i searched his room i found about the sith empire and how it trained people who were intuned to the darkside that's when i decided to find this empire to complete my training and to gain revenge on the other family and restore my families honor. and now after searching for so long i have finally reached my destination.
              to me the darkside is a way to gain power over the weak who shield themselves from things they don't understand. it's a way to then manipulate those beings to do your bidings to be your servants. it is a tool through which you can gain power, not only over the weaked minded but they rest as well.


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                :: Dara folds her hands behind her back as he answers her questions. The Lordess nods and then speaks ::

                "Lots of death in your family heritage indeed. Memories such as this can hold powerful emotions in their memory. A hatred untapped like this could hold impressive potential if guided properly.. Tell me, what name do you go by and was your cousin a member of the Empire? If so, what was his name?"


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                  'Welcome to the empire'


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                    *bows before her presence*
                    i go by the name jenobi the manslayer, my lordess.
                    no my cousin was not her but i was told my grandfather was but he died before i was born and never learned of his name for nobody talked of him. i think that after a while he left on his own for personal gain but went around helping other then turned to the lightside. i was told that because of his treachery to the family my father killed him to uphold the family honor
                    *still bowing while awaiting her reply*


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                      *while still bowing wonders if he can pick someone to train him now. his thought then deepen at the idea of how great training would be if he could pick Vegan Van Derveld*
                      *how great indeed, with that an evil grin comes across his face*


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                        ooc: sorry meant Lord Vega Van Derveld
                        no disrespect was intended with that other post.


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                          :: Dara smiles and nods as she senses the thoughts of a potential master choice on the newcomer's mind ::

                          "May your hate continue to consume you as you grow powerful in the Dark Side. I welcome you to the Sith Empire, jenobi the manslayer. May your path to darkness soon be realized. You may now choose someone to train you."


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                            * while still in the bowing position the thought that now his vengance would come soon, also a sense of accomplishment came into play.
                            " i thank you my lordess, i will not let you down."
                            *now arrised the following words were released from his cold lips*
                            " i choose Lord Vega Van Derveld, if he will take me on as his apprentice. "


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                              Vega nodded slightly, turning to depart, speaking as he did so.

                              Your training begins now. Follow me.