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  • Well....

    I was requesting admition before my untimely i'm back in the land of the living I would like to renew my application for entrance.

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    Daegal nodded to the newcomer, and after a moment he spoke.

    "Greetings and welcome to The Sith Empire. You must await the greeting of a council member."


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      "I think you may find it slightly more complecated than that...but we shall see, thankyou for your greeting"


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        "Look what the mynock dragged in."

        Dalethria entered the Council Room and looked Dagger up and down, "I don't know what surprised me more. That you're alive or that you came here."


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          Quite so, one of Xanatos' little renegades has come crawling, Vega muttered to himself, sniggering slightly.


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            DarkStar looked Dalethria up and down then spoke

            "Well if i were you i'd be most suprised that I was alive..afterall I have come here before seeking entrance once before, by request was never fully processed...I have simply come to ask for the process to be completed, what is suprising about that?"

            DarkStar finally turned to look at Vega, having ignored him until now.

            "Xanatos is a means to an end...he provided aid to me, and now i am returning the favor, despite you being a Sith, your apparent hatred of me is unfounded, I have never been anything but a friend to the Empire..."


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              "But not a friend to the Sith Order which is a group we are heavily aligned with as you know."

              Dalethria was hard to read whether or not she cared about Dagger's presence here, "So you have cut ties with Xanatos? Is that what I'm hearing?"


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                DarkStar looked Dalethria straight in the eye,

                "That is not what you are hearing Lady Mal Panis, you are twisting my words...and as to TSO, I have never been anything but a friend to TSO...certain members i may have a disagreement with, but I died for TSO and I have made no move to extract revenge for my death, what TSO thinks of me I do not know, nore do I care. They are welcome to their long as there are still some of them to have oppions, TSO ment alot to me, I would never, never do anything to harm TSO as a whole...but that is besides the point isn't it..."

                DarkStar looked around the hall, he had a feeling he wouldn't be here long,

                "Hard to read you may be my lady, but not impossible...why don't you just give me the answer i'm sure you want to and I will stop wasting your valuable time"


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                  :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial steps silently into the back of the room and watches Dagger address the council, curious as to why he is here ::


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                    Standing right behind Lordess Dara, Eve looked at the man talking. She had never seen him before ... Could be entertaining.


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                      The Sith Knight enterd in behind Eve. And stood to the right of her Master. She watched the one they were calling Dagger. Not knowing of the on going situation she said nothing.


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                        DarkStar turned and bowed to Dara

                        "My Lady Dara,"

                        He said simply and then inclined his head in greeting to Athena and Eve before turning his attention back to Dalethria


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                          “No, it’s not beside the point..” A voice came from the council.. “If you intend to act against any members of TSO, then why remain secretive of such a matter? You are trying to gain membership here are you not? So we need to feel a sense of trust from you.. Not being forthright in your intentions shows a sign of distrust.. If you have a person feud with any said person.. That is your business. Yet how are we to believe it may not harm TSO as a whole from your word alone.. Explain, so we all might gain better perspective on these matters..”


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                            DarkStar turned and looked at Havok, he smiled slyly

                            "Would you be so quick to divulge all your plans where everyone can hear them? I think not...but if you really must know, only one member of TSO will suffer without prior agreement, and that is the traitor Darth Roul, his head I want, that I do not forsee as any great loss to TSO. As for any other members, Gav Mortis and I have some unfinished buissness, but that was his decission to start and will be his decission to finish"

                            DarkStar spread his hands wide

                            "Beyond that there will be no violent action by myself against TSO...unless it is to defend myself or my associates"

                            He bowed low

                            "That is all there is, the decission is yours as it always was..."


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                              "Where everyone can hear them, you say? I don't see Darth Roul or Gav Mortis in here, do you? I wasn't asking for details of your plans, only your intentions and who you wished to act against..."

                              "Tell me more of this action against you made by Mortis?" he asked curiously..