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  • Stumbles in.

    A man stumbles backwards through the doors of the chamber, as the man gets up off his feet he turns to see a few people gazing at him. Glaring back at the rude people he says "What? Do I have a booger coming out of my nose?"
    The people go about their business.
    The man, realizing that this wasnt the comedy store felt compelled by a strange 'Force' around him. "Did ya hear the one about the cow?" he says. getting a dead silence as a reply he says "Well the cow was in field all day eating grass when suddenly a TIE fighter flew over and he looked up and said C-3PO!" (pulling out his portable drums he does the Ba Doom Ching!)
    Realizing that nothing is happening to him here he figures why not check it out. "Can anyone help me? I am wondering what this is and how I can join, I am willing to do most things, except with chickens, cause thats just wrong!"
    He stands in the middle of the room awaiting a reply, as he waits he starts break-dancing.

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    Daegal nods to the newcomer, before he speaks, "You must await the greeting of a Council Member or a Sith Master before you are accepted into the Empire. Should you be accepted, you may choose from the list of the following Masters to train you in the ways of the Sith. I suggest you visit the Training Grounds to watch the styles of each before you decide."

    Sith Masters

    Darth Havok
    Lady Vader [TSO]

    Sith Lords

    Darth Varlon
    Firebird1 (Morale Officer)
    Raine Sarin
    Vega Van Derveld

    Sith Knights

    Athena Lady Darknss
    Eve Siren
    Laran Katern


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      Watching the newcomer with a fully raised eye brow, Vega smirks fairly obviously, the fact that the new recruit is break dancing in the recruitment center visibly irrating him.


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        Raised his head to see the newcomer and wonders what this was about. Looked over to Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide and what she would say.


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          :: Watching the newcomer fall down to the ground and writhe around as if in need of medical attention, Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial nods to those present and then rises from her council chair, approaching the visitor slowly while raising her arm and moving her thumb and first finger close together.

          Taking a deep breath and calling upon the darkness within her, the newcomer feels his breathing suddenly become restricted as his trachea begins to collapse. His lungs begin to burn and ache for the oxygen it craves and he drops to his knees. Seeing that she now has his attention, Dara addresses him ::

          "Greetings, newcomer. Are you in need of medical attention or do you mock our organization? A prolonged dip into a bacta tank after experimental brain laser surgery might possibly cure what ails you.. and if it doesn't, then that will be the only thing that amuses me. Would you like to try addressing the members of the Empire again?"

          :: The Lordess lessens the pressure on his trachea only slightly so that he may speak if he is so inclined ::


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            Grabbing his throat in amazement he gurgles out "What awesome power you have here, it is better than two buttercups eating insects! Where may I sign up.........Master?"
            Trying to get to his feet he fails as the grip is still tight enough to keep him at his knees. Knowing that this is no Comedy Club he figures this could be useful in the future if any hecklers are in the audience for his next set.
            Bowing his head towards all Members he accidentially lets a fart be bestowed upon the chamber "uh....Sorry! Its all the pressure building up, maybe release the grip....please.....I hope your powers can withstand my smell......*gasp*"
            Still on his knees he awaits what proclaimations be made towards him, whilst he is waiting he dreams of a world where hot dogs chase him, but when they capture him, they let him eat them with ANY sauce!


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              *Raine glared at the newcomer from under his hood in the shadows, spinning a dagger in his hand. He smirked before addressing his Master and Council Member, the Lordess Shadowtide-Rayial*

              "Perhaps I should cut out his tongue, Master. Maybe then he would realize the respect that one should show in this establishment and the sort of thing that we find amusement in."

              *He softly chuckled and continued to spin the dagger, ready to act if the word was given.*


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                "Me dear sir, please I mean no disrespect, its just my way of defending myself, when I feel vulnerable I make jokes about the situation, its a defence mechanism.........For example, if I may: Luke Skywalker was raised on Tatooine by his uncle, Owen, cause the fact that Luke's parents weren't around. Days passed slowly for Luke Skywalker when he lived on Tatooine, but training under Yoda made the DAGOBAH faster!
                What d'ya think?"

                Bowing his head, he thinks of a different approach.

                "My good sir....master....person......Some humanoids think these wea-puns are SOLO. LUKE out! More are to come. Sorry, it is just a JABBA mine. I could have told these puns to anybody, but YODA one I chose. If someone says you aren't, simply reply, "R2."

                Seeing as this brought no response, he figured he open up to the Coucil and other members

                "Do not underestimate me, isnt that the worst thing you can do? Not that I am quesitoning your abilities, I am just making it known I do have a..........dark side, I just prefer to fool my opponents by making them have a false sense of security."

                He takes a step back and kneels, raising his head he stares into the eyes of those who look upon him, awaiting the person who is willing to take on an apprentice with an obscure sense of humour - something that may have been lacking in TSE for a while, but he hopes he is proven wrong.

                He whispers: "I once knew a man who said Death smiled at him, all we can do is smile back."


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                  :: Dara's eyes flash crimson and fade to black as ringlets of dark lightning whisp up her arm and then disappear as she looks upon the newcomer. The Lordess increases the pressure on his trachea once more as he again gasps for air ::

                  "I find no humor in the Dark Side, for there is only chaos and destruction. There is a time and place for everything, young visitor and your timing is quite off. Now if you would care to seriously answer my questions, we shall continue. If not, perhaps Raine could show you and your tongue the door."

                  :: She continues to choke him via the Dark Side and slightly lessens the pressure so that he may speak in a whisper ::


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                    "Very well, if this is what it takes then this is what must be done."

                    Looking deep into Dara's eyes he meets her stare, but fails to hold it, lowering his head he is tempted to turn and he does.

                    He turns and heads for the door, as he reaches the doors they slam shut before him, the Force shutting them. Spinning around the man falls to his knees and whispers:

                    "Medical treatment will be needed, but only after I am taken on as an apprentice. I know I am in no position to demand, but I figure......what do I have to lose? I have seen people come in here all pale and cowardly and sure they turn in to great Sith Lords and Knights, but at least I have 'balls' and can see that challenges must be met. Do not doubt my respect for you, you have earnt your position here, now it is time for me to earn mine, but let me do it my way."

                    He lowers his head and brings out a deck of cards, he then begins to play a game of solitaire on the floor of the chamber, he does not remove his gaze from the cards, even though the choke still hurts him, he persists. He hopes nothing futher will happen to him except the acceptance of the Empire.
                    He smiles and mumbles to himself "Ha, The Queen of Hearts." He then looks Dara in the eyes.


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                      Daegal begins to speak, having attempted to remain quiet up until now. "How dare you come here and insult all that we stand for? Would you tolerate someone coming into your home and insulting everything that your family stood for? I think not. If you continue your insults, I fear that you may face consequences the likes of which you cannot even imagine." With the last sentence, Daegal smiled.

                      He bowed to Lordess Dara and Lord Raine, "Please excuse my outburst, but I could not contain my feelings on this matter any longer."


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                        Without looking up from the game he whispers:

                        "We all have our own ways of dealing with things, I find your methods wrong and inappropriate, but I do not stop you from doing them, although there is a heirachy here there still is freedom to possess character, I am showing you my character, you dont like it, deal with it in your own way, but my friend of the Dark Side, do not threaten one of your own."

                        He continues his game and pulls out the Joker card, he flicks it to the centre of the room and whispers

                        "Wild cards are of no use in this game."

                        He continues waiting for a response that is not clouded by stupidity and adolescence. Even if it is against the Dark Side's ways. He thinks of the Uber-Jedis'


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                          Daegal unsheaths his dagger and in one fluent motion grabs Halde, twisting his arm behind his back. He quickly places his dagger to Halde's throat.

                          "Clouded by adolesence and stupidity? Do you truly believe that? Perhaps that is true, but your life is in my hands now, you would be wise not to be so cocky."

                          Daegal digs his knife in slightly, just enough so that a small trail of warm, crimson blood runs quickly down Halde's neck. "You are lucky, for if I did not have such respect for Lordess Shadowtide and Lord Sarin, I would end your insignificant life."

                          Daegal throws Halde to the ground and quickly resheaths his dagger. He thens leans on the wall, awaiting the action of the senior Sith.


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                            *cough* He squirms from the Terrible Breath of Daegal, he reaches into his pocket and tosses a toothbrush to the feet of Daegal.

                            "I mean no disrespect kind sir, but come on, thats just wrong, brush your teeth! Dont you say I am disrespecting now, you drew my blood and cut my skin, I think I should at least be able to tell you the truth about your breath!"

                            He crawls back to the game and continues playing, like Disciple Daegal he too awaits an answer.

                            He cant help but think why exactly the Sith have acted in the ways they have, harmed no one physically have I? bruised their egos maybe? Brought them back to reality, most possible. Why should they stay in their world, when the true lessons are to be taught in Reality! He wonders if anyones eyes will be opened to the truth.

                            "Dont forget your toothbrush Daegal" He whispers loudly, so that all can hear.


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                              with a slight sercastic look on his raised sieken raised an eyebrow to the res oif the audience

                              'Welcome to the....empire

                              shaking his head he looked over tp the others who just staired at him....sieken looked down and shut up...