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  • Decendent..

    Xavier slowly enters, his boots quiet upon the ground. He glances around slowly, his face pale, his hair jet black as he pulls back the hood on his grey robe. He takes a few more steps over to what seems to be where recruits are going. He runs his hand back through his hair slowly, pulling his black gloves onto his hands tighter as he crosses his arms over his chest.

    He nods to the people in the room. "Xavier Sadow. I've come hoping to be trained as a Sith Warrior.."

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    Daegal nods to the newcomer, before he speaks, "You must await the greeting of a Council Member or a Sith Master before you are accepted into the Empire. Should you be accepted, you may choose from the list of the following Masters to train you in the ways of the Sith. I suggest you visit the Training Grounds to watch the styles of each before you decide."

    Sith Masters

    Darth Havok
    Lady Vader [TSO]

    Sith Lords

    Darth Varlon
    Firebird1 (Morale Officer)
    Raine Sarin
    Vega Van Derveld

    Sith Knights

    Athena Lady Darknss
    Eve Siren
    Laran Katern


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      Xavier takes the list and nods his thanks to Daegal. He moves to a wall and leans back against it as he reads over the list carefully.


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        Welcome to the Sith Empire, Xavier..


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          Xavier looks up from the list to Vega. He slowly steps away from the wall and bows slightly to the Sith Lord. "Greetings.."


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            *Raine watched silently from the shadows. Another's fate would be decided here in this room, and he was not one to miss it.*


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              Welcome to the empire my friend...


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                He looks to the newer two who have come in and smiles slightly. He bows to them both. "Greetings.. and thank you for the welcome."


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                  :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial enters the recruitment area and nods to those comrades assembled to greet the newcomer. She makes her way to the front of the room and then turns her attention to the visitor ::

                  "Greetings. I am Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial, one of the leaders of the Empire. Tell me, how did your path lead you here and what is the Dark Side to you?"

                  :: Dara studied him with ice green eyes and awaited his answers ::


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                    Xavier looks to the woman slowly. He lets his arms hang at his sides. "I am Xavier Sadow, decendent of the Dark Lord of the Sith, Naga Sadow, who ruled five mellenia ago. My father and grandfather and many more before them have been trained as a Sith and I am to follow in their footsteps. The Dark Side is everything to me. Hate, fear, and a way of life. I have done some studying with my father but I seek to become a full fledged Sith and to serve the Empire and the Dark Side in any way possible."


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                      :: Dara raises an eyebrow as she hears the name of the newcomer and his distant relation to the legendary Dark Lord. The Lordess then nods and folds her hands behind her back, and looks directly into his eyes ::

                      "A most impressive lineage indeed, Xavier Sadow. You possess an inherent immersion into the darkness which should allow you to develop your skills fully. I am curious however.. would you expect to be afforded any special considerations or allowances here due to the last name you carry?"


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                        Xavier looks back into Dara's eyes, smiling a little at the last thing she says.

                        "No.. not at all. I expect to be trained and treated as anyone would who has just been recruited into the Empire."


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                          :: The Lordess smiled and nodded to Xavier ::

                          "I see. Tell me, if you are accepted into the ranks of the Empire, what do you forsee your role in our organization to be?"


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                            Xavier closes his eyes for a moment then looks to Dara again. "I see myself being an advisor.. or perhaps a warrior. Anything you need of me or are willing to train me as, I would be."


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                              :: Dara smiles and nods to Xavier ::

                              "Your answers have been forthright and most impressive. At this time I am pleased to welcome you officially to the Empire, Xavier Sadow. You may now choose a Master to instruct you in the ways of the Dark Side. May the darkness continue to consume you in all you do for the glory of the Empire."