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  • A New Arrival

    The sound of silent footsteps echoed throughout the council room as Lana walked gracefully and calmly to the members of the Empire. Her eyes darted slowly around, landing then on those of the council members. Lana blinked slow and mysteriously, then with a soft but strength-filled voice, addressed the council:

    "Council of the Sith, allow me to humbly introduce myself. I am Lana Westbrooke, of parts unknown, and I've come here at the request of one of my friends, Dalton Blesse."

    She paused, letting the council take in what information was enclosed in her opening statement.

    "...I have a great hatred against those incorporated with the Jedi's, and I would give anything to watch their blood flow down my blade. To watch them scream and run like the insolent cowards they are... That is what I live for..."

    Lana's eyes showed a sudden bloodlust, and she noticed this quickly, reserving herself at once. With her head held high, she looked on at the council.

    "...Excuse me. To the point, now. I wish to join your side ...Please consider my proposal, and I promise you, you will not be let down..."

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    (blade from a dark corner took great interest in this women. He wondered what her exact hate for the jedi was. blade just leaned against the nearby wall and just watched.)

    OOC: dam wrong account oh well. Lana my apologies around here I'm know as Blade Ice.


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      ((OOC: Don't bother appologizing, for it's not your fault))


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        I am moving this thread here in just a bit to the Recruitment Registration where all joining threads are located. Please post here Lana so I know that you saw this message. Thanks.


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          ((OOC: Yeah, I saw it. Sorry about that, btw))


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            No worries or need to be sorry, it's easily enough remedied. <img src= ALT="">


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              :: The Sith Lordess enters the recruitment area as she returns from the training grounds where she had just completed a session with one of her apprentices. She overhears the newcomer's statements and begins to stride to the front of the room.

              Twin saber hilts swing back and forth from her belt as she makes her way over to the newest arrival, and she inclines her head to the visitor as she stops to stand before her ::

              "Greetings. I am Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial, one of the leaders of the Empire. Your hate could indeed make you powerful. Tell me, what specific experiences have you had with the Jedi and what is the Dark Side to you?"


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                She bowed low before the Lordess for a brief moment, then stood back up. Lana's appearance was that none more of a young adult, and her figure was very mildly built. Her brown eyes looked calm and concentrated into the eyes of the Lordess, and no one else. She brushed a hand through her pairing brown hair before addressing the Lordess again:


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                  (blade watched this womens anger and rage swell up. Blade thought to himself maybe she will be useful. he drifted away in thought thinking of what she said about her past and how it brought her anger. blade wonder what brought his anger forth. blade just smiled and listened on.)


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                    Eve tilted her head to the side, leaning back against the wall. She studied the figure who wanted to join the Empire silently, her face remaining silent and emotionless.



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                      Vega remained silent as he observed his Master beginning to question the new arrival, nodding slightly in greeting.


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                        Xavier listened carefully as he stepped up beside his Master. He keeps his head bowed slightly, his grey hood covering his rather pale face. His arms remained crossed over his chest as he continues to listen, every once in a while glancing to his Master then back to the woman who is talking with the Lordess.


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                          Lana's eyes strayed to the other occupants in the room. To what seemed to be an emptied room before filled quickly with other such Sith members. She didn't find this to a disadvantage, nor did she find it odd. Afterall, much stranger has occured in her so-called past.

                          Silently, she fixed her eyes back upon the Lordess, raising her solomn voice slightly in question.


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                            :: Dara studied Lana's demeanor as she recounted her life story, and then the Lordess spoke to her via the Dark Side briefly ::

                            < To clarify a small matter, I am not of royal lineage and am merely a Sith Lordess and Council member, so using 'highness', although a compliment, wouldn't exactly hold true. >

                            :: She gave a knowing nod and smile to Lana before continuing ::

                            "Actually, this is quite standard for members to be present as new arrivals apply to be accepted into our ranks. An active interest in the Empire makes the organization only stronger in my opinion.

                            Regarding your past, you have life experiences which make you likely to learn to wield great Dark Side power in the future. Impressive, most impressive. Now one of the questions still remains unanswered by you, though.. So I shall ask again.. what is the Dark Side to you?"


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                              Daegal stands to the side, nodding to the newcomer slightly.