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  • The Shadow Man

    It was cold outside, the blustering wind and rain jolted the best of structures, pounding the exterior of the compound and over time would one day cut through the stone.

    Outside there was a man, his name really at this time was not known in the galaxy, once a great warrior on the battlefields, but not one strong with the force yet,he seeked to be trained to the best of his mind and soul...the sith was a perfect home for him..and now he came to seek a Master.

    The door with the help of the wind smashed open cracking the door coursing a large gash to split the door, the man in spiked body armor and his sword across his back step in to a small crowed starring at him closing the door behind him with great push and latched to door shut, it seemed that strength was not his weak side. He turned to face the audience.

    The dim room lit by candles was an eerie place, death was certainly enjoyed around this establishment and frankly it was allot better than outside, and it had taken him 3 months to find the place without running into a persuasive Jedi wanting me to join there ranks...not a chance

    ' I am here to seek a there anyone here that might help my quest?'

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    "Welcome to the Empire ..."

    Eve spoke with a deep monotone voice. She tilted her head to the side, looking at the man.

    "Tell me why you wish to join the Empire."


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      The dribble of water ran down the reflective silver surface of his full face helmet, tilting his head to the same way of the woman he looked at her with interest. Only his eyes showed through the metalic helmet showing little emotion.

      ' It is my destiny to join the ones with the darkside, i am only here to learn what it is to be evil and tiast the blood of the civiliens that get in our way of the progression of the empire...'

      Moveing his head side to side he popped his kneck makeing a crack ecoe in the room.


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        "Umm ... I like the way you think."

        Eve said, noticing the slight view of his eyes, holding her motorcycle Skull Helmet in one hand, she named out the names of the Masters he could get, after presenting herself.

        "I am Eve Siren, Sith Knight of the Empire.

        Sith Masters

        Darth Havok
        Lady Vader [TSO]

        Sith Lords

        Darth Varlon
        Firebird1 (Morale Officer)
        Raine Sarin
        Vega Van Derveld

        Sith Knights

        Athena Lady Darknss
        Eve Siren
        Laran Katern.

        Pick wisely."


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          Welcome to the Sith Empire, Casper.


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            :: Sith Lordess and Council Member Dara Shadowtide Rayial entered the recruitment area and nodded to those fellow TSE members already greeting the newcomer. She turned to the man and looked upon him ::

            "Greetings, I am Dara Shadowtide Rayial, one of the leaders of the Empire. Tell me what the Dark Side is to you and why we should accept you into our ranks."

            :: Dara studied the man and awaited his response ::


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              *walks into the room, bows to all the members and his master. then looks at the new one.* "welcome"


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                Casper turned quickly to the womans voice,he could feel the hatred and evil inside her before he even laid eyes on her, he knew it was the great Dara Shadowtide, The man knelt on one knee and bowed head head looking at the ground...

                'I am Casper Van Deaton, yours to command Ma'am'

                He raised his head to look up at her his sword across his back sliding down his back slightly.

                'I have walked many miles and traveled for so long to kneel before you this day i have heard great tales of your success in the Garqi mission,i am here to join the ranks of the empire, why you ask Ma'am?, ill tell you a story, i once was on the battlefields of Katarn, a distant planet from here many savages and thiefs use it as a home world, it is here where i knew....that Evil and hatred grew in my heart like a living is my goal to become a great sith under your command my Lordess and taste the blood of the petty living that crave goodness...'

                His eyes showed passion now through his helmet,his light brown nearly amber eyes looked evil and litrally showed hatred.

                OOC: This is what Casper Looks like..trying to get a sig done now <img src= ALT=""> :


                just showing it so you know what the guy looks like


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                  The beast, clad in blue scales and menacing claws steped out from the shadows slightly. His eyes were dark, showing only a void where a soul belonged. His stony gaze was directed at the newcomer, and in his deep baritone voice, he uttered the word that others already had.



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                    *Raine watched the newcomer from the shadows and smirked at his words. There appeared to be a lot of hatred in this one. It amused him.*


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                      :: Dara nodded to the newcomer and folded her hands behind her back as she studied him ::

                      "Command? I am one of seven leaders of the Empire and do not command anything alone, however your enthusiasm and motivation is duly noted. Tell me, what is the Dark Side to you and why should you be accepted as a member into our ranks?"


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                        'Looking up at Lordess Dara once more, his voice turned into a muffeld sort of angerd voice.

                        ' The Dark Side is lust,gred,evil, and hatred of great strenghs brought into one,i kill when i like,make people suffer when i wish and i get my revenge how i want, evil is something you are born with, as a Dark Warrior know all about this feeling of sprituality, again its a liveint enitity'

                        Stading back up from his crouch he stood at 6'6 feet tall and his big build helping to highlight his strengh...

                        'Why do should you accept me ma'am?'..he looked behind himself to view Eve, and Raine.

                        'I have journey so far to serve within this contingent, i have the speed and the strengh of a full blown warrior i have experience of over 60 battles on the feild, i have killed hundreds of men, the knowledge is there, and with the force, i would be a great asset to the sith empire my Lordess...and i will serve to my last drop of blood'...


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                          :: Dara nodded to Casper ::

                          "Your hate could make you powerful in the Dark Side.. most impressive."

                          :: The Lordess began to pace around him slowly, her eyes studying his every response, his every move ::

                          "Tell me, how would you use such skills for the benefit of the Empire? What can you do specifically for the advancement of the Empire in the galaxy as we seek to purge the light from all that we encounter..."


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                            I looked at the man, his body amour protecting the mans image and expressions, i liked this guy even before i knew who he was...

                            'Welcome to the Empire my friend'


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                              Eve stood there silent, just listening to the Lordess' questions and the man's answers. She glanced at Sieken but ignored it. It was better not to cause trouble here. She looked back at the man, waiting for him to continue to answer Dara's questions.