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Once again.

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  • Once again.

    Realising a different approach was needed, Halde entered the doors to the chamber.........once again, hoping that this time he would not be rejected like previous times.

    He moves to the center of the chamber and a gust of wind blows through his clothing, moving his clothes about the place. He stands rather relaxed in the middle of the chamber about 5 feet from the steps leading up to the Council members seats.

    Raising his head to try and see who is up in the seats, he cannot see who is there due to the darkness. Placing a hand above his eyes to help his vision, he says:

    'Hello up there? I have come back once again to join the Empire, I am willing to the darkside. I await a response milords and ladys.'

    Knowing that he isnt good with respecting authority, but just getting the job some way or manner. He figures he has to do what is needed to get the postition.........he kneels in front of the steps and bows his head in a manner of respect.........

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    OOC: Have I done something to not warrant a response? In this post? Previous threads have nothing to do with this thread, they are in the past, leave them there. If it has nothing to do with previous posts, I am wondering why the rudeness to one whom wishes to join your ranks? I am hoping you have skipped over this thread by acciedent. Especially the council members.


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      OOC~ Well I think the question is if you are being serious. I wasn't here the first time you tried to post here but I know it didnt go over well. And ... that picture in your sig isn't star wars and is comical.

      So boils down to do you really want to join and RP? <img src= ALT="">