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    [i]Standing there silently,keeping his gaze down.The sith had heard of the empire long ago and finally made it there,without any further thinking he went on to talk to whomever was listening<i/>

    My name is Challen McKnight,I wish to join your empire,under the reason of my hatred for the jedi and their weak thought of the light.I am to understand though,nt to under estimate my enimes.

    [i]Flipping the hood back from his face,his face expressionless<i/>

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    “I am Darth Havok. A Master of this Empire. Why don’t you tell us more of yourself before we proceed further, Challen? Such as some of your past, and more in detail of exactly what has brought you before us here today."

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      Eve looked at the man who named himself Challen. Silently standing behind the Master Havok, she ran her hand through her hair, waiting for the man's answer.


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        Welcome to The Sith Empire, Challen.


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          I grew up on Coruscant and when I was old enough to get a job I found myself to being a bounty hunter. In my travels I overheard a conversation about this very empire and gave up bounty hunting and hoped to train on the side of darkness,so I came here.

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              :: Sith Lordess and Council member Dara Shadowtide Rayial nodded to her fellow comrades as she entered the Recruitment area. She gracefully made her way to her council chair to sit down and then watched Havok speak with the newcomer to the Empire ::


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                "So where is it your hatred for the Jedi you spoke of comes from?"


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                  I was little when it happened but the Jedi never-the-less destroyed my entire family.I'm still not sure why,but I'm sure I'll find the answer.


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                    "You may just find the answers unto which you seek.. On behalf of the Empire, I welcome you.."