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  • new evil person here

    I humbly cast myself at the feet of your eduactional prowess! I request that you teach me in the way of the allpowerful Sith. That I may fester in the satisfaction of being able to tickle someone with out actually touching them!!


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    This will be moved to the Recruitment Registration forum where all requests to join are made.


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      Tempist looked at the newcomer. Very entheastic about their request.... very strange indeed....

      "Welcome to the Sith Empire, I am Tempist Opps. Please wait here to be greeted by a master and/or council membrer. After, unless told otherwise, you may chose a master to teach you in the dark arts from this list."

      As he said this, he pulled out a scroll with the names of the possible masters on it.

      Sith Masters

      Darth Havok
      Lady Vader [TSO]

      Sith Lords

      Dalethria Mal Pannis
      Darth Varlon
      Firebird1 (Morale Officer)
      Raine Sarin
      Vega Van Derveld

      Sith Knights

      Athena Lady Darknss
      Eve Siren
      Laran Katern


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        Welcome to the Sith Empire, newcomer, Vega said in a slightly snide tone, the eagerness of the new recruit amusing him.


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          "Greetings..." Poreon, a Sith Knight, greeted this new hopeful apprentice.


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            "Welcome" Kome said in a low voice and nodded to the stranger.


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              Shaking his head at the man and reluctantly gave him a nod.i was wondering about this newcomer.

              'Tickerling a person without touching them?, well whatever floats your boat...welcome the to empire sir'


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                :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial rises from her council chair and addresses the newcomer ::

                "Greetings. I am Dara Shadowtide Rayial, one of the leaders of the Empire. Tell me about yourself and how your travels led you here before us this day."


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                  "Greetings New one " Athena never really spoke in the recrutment area but for some reason she felt she should. She waited after her Master had asked the questions to this hopeful. But placed her welcome before the answer could be spoken.


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                    (OOC:Sorry took so long. My computer has issues...)

                    ::grins excitedly at the intricate collection of evil persons standing before her::

                    "Well yes, I am awful eager to learn many things! Let's see now...I was brought up by my Uncle Shanko on Borgo Prime...and then I cam here. Not much of a past really."

                    *She frowns slightly, before returning to her usual good humor*

                    "But here I am!! And nothing would make my molicules behave more vibrantly than if Vega Vahn what-was-his-name
                    instructed me in the ways of the mighty Sith!!!"

                    (OOC:I am female, by the way <img src= ALT=":lol"> )


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                      say his name right.

                      its vega van derveld

                      how hard is it 2 say?


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                        "okay, okay Vega Van Derveld. Sheesh don't get your bananas in a bind monkeyboy!"


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                          the name is Demon Hunter...

                          call me that kid...


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                            *the smile slowly leaves her face, and a vein in her forhead begins to show*

                            "Excuse me, but unless I suddenly transform into a puppet, and you move my mouth, and you say the words for me, there is no way I will ever respond to a so-called command from you. I am no child, to be ordered by you."


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                              you might want to watch out

                              many people demand respect

                              not saying that i do... lol

                              OOC; that was a funny think, bannana.... jez