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  • Joining TSE

    *Empress Yoko walks into the Council Room and curtsies deeply to the Council Members there. She looks to each one, then and speaks loud enough to hear her voice.*

    I wish to join the Empire.

    *Yoko becomes quiet as she waits to be addressed.*

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    Nodding to the woman, casper tilted his head at her as the candal light shimmerd of his amour...

    'Welcome to the empire young lady'


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      Xavier steps from the shadows slowly, the hood of his cloak hiding his face as he nods to Yoko, his arms crossed over his chest.

      "Welcome to the Empire.."


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        Welcome to the Empire, newcomer.


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          Once you have been formally greeted by one of the members of the Empire's ruling council or a Sith Master, you may request training at the hands of one of the following Sith whom dwell and study here.

          Sith Masters

          Darth Havok
          Lady Vader

          Sith Lords

          Dalethria Mal Pannis
          Darth Varlon
          Raine Sarin
          Vega Van Derveld

          Sith Knights

          Athena Lady Darknss
          Eve Siren
          Laran Katern


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            *Yoko nods her head to those who have greeted her.*

            Thank you.

            *Yoko then waits quietly and patiently once again.*


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              :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial rose from her council chair and approached the newcomer ::

              "Greetings. I am Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial, one of the leaders of the Empire. Tell me how your travels brought you here, and what the Dark Side is to you."


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                Jade enters the Recruitment Center, but remains hidden in the shadows, even her dark pink piercing eyes dulled as to not give her away. She watches this woman carefully who requests to join the Empire, silently thinking to herself as memories flood back to her.



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                  The Sith Knight had made her way into the council room and watched another ask for memeber-ship here to the Empire. Athena never said a word just watched.


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                    I was always a Sith, as I have been born as one, but I have never been trained, although I have trained my children when they were younger. In most recent events, I was in battle when suddenly I was taken captive. The person has long been killed which allowed me my freedom. Over the years, I have traveled in search of both a place to train me in the ways of the darkside and also to find my children. My children I have not yet found, but I had hoped to find a place here to being my goal in becoming a Sith Master someday.

                    What it means to me is to become strong in the darkside, to join its ranks to become the strongest force in the universe. I will work hard to make my part of this possible.

                    *Yoko waits silently once again, but suddenly feels the presense of one of her children, but it is much stronger than when she last felt it. Yoko knows better then to look around for the presense, at least right now. For now, she keeps her eyes on the Council Member who greeted her, bowing in respect to her.*


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                      Sieken who had only just stepped in, gave a short nod to the young woman who had just enterd the empire...



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                        :: Dara nods slowly ::

                        "I see. Why should we accept you into our ranks?"

                        :: The Lordess continues to study the visitor sensing an a slight change in the woman's aura and wonders what is causing the distraction ::


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                          LordDarthNinja remains hidden in the shadows unoticed as he sees his mother within the recruting chambers as he not speaks and oberseves what is taking place and listens carefully.


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                            *Yoko senses one of her sons now, but returns her attention to Lordess Dara*

                            Because I am loyal, and a worthy servant to the Darkside.My children have become Jedis, and I despise them for what they have become, making me more hateful to the Lightside with each passing day.

                            OOC: Sorry about the long wait, but I just got back from my holiday trip.


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                              Athena watched the Lady but soon became annoyed with her for some odd reason. Athena could find no real truth the ladies words and she (Athena) turned and departed from the council chambers.