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  • *enters and bows*

    Greetings to all, *smiles darkly* I am Malys, Apprentice of Sith Warrior Sher Khal'Saad, whom you probably do not know. I was intrigued by talk of this place... and felt I should come and see it for myself. I was a Jedi Knight before I chose the Dark Side, but I hope those here can overlook the mistakes of my past.

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    *A vioce from the shadows rang out.*

    Why did you choose the Dark over the Light?


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      OOC: Ummm.. o.o; Zanny, I'm never In Character over AIM. And Var's still ready to slit your throat IC. Also, since Sher isn't with TSE, let alone, I'd suggest you kinda take that into consideration.


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        OOC: *grin* I shall keep that in mind, Var. I am not a threat to you... Yet, anyway. And though my story is from outside TSE, I am still Sith.

        You ask why I chose the Darkness? *smiles* Destiny called. The Light abandoned me in my moment of need. Ironically, the only thing that had kept me from the Dark was my fear. My father was a Dark Jedi himself, and had tried to turn me while I was yet a child. He did not succeed then, and let down his guard at a crucial moment. I was desperate, and I was angry. He was a fool, and died that day at the hands of his own half-grown daughter. *looks up and crosses arms* I did not turn that day, but the seed was planted; I feared becoming like my father.

        Years later I faced the Sith Warrior Sher Khal'Saad, he who had killed my own Jedi Master, and turned my world upsidedown. We battled, and my eyes were opened. For years I had fought with the Jedi, watched friends die before my eyes while I was powerless to help them... I realized it had all been futile. I put aside my pointless fears and embraced hatred and rage, casting off the ways of the Jedi forever. Khal'Saad gave me the choice to join him as his Apprentice and learn the Path of Darkness, or embrace the lies of the Jedi and join my former Master in Oblivion. *smiles* I have no fear of death, but I make a better living servant of the Dark Side than I do a dead, unmourned Jedi.


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          *Nodding his head, still in concealed in the shadows, Snack asked another question.*

          You say you were powerless to help your friends who died? Why were you? One of the Jedi's creed is defence. You could have helped defend them, thus saving their lives... Did you consider yourself that weak as a Jedi, and consider the Jedi as a whole to be weaker than the Dark Warriors whom are Sith?


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            I cannot say whether or not I was weak as a Jedi... But I lacked confidence in my abilities, and that made me weak. I was unable to save the lives of my friends because I was ordered to run rather than fight. I am tired of running, of taking the coward's way out. As for the Jedi themselves, very few Masters were left in the group of which I was a part, and many whom I knew were little better than half-trained children who believed a few lessons in saber sparring made them Knights. Many were arrogant, overconfidant, and I found myself facing off against them later as Jedi Hunters. Impatient and brash, they left the Light for the Dark, and if they did not slay those who had been their friends, tended to die rather quickly. What remains of the Jedi are few, weak and scattered; they are as dead folk fighting for a hopeless cause. I have no confidence in them. Khal'Saad showed me the way of Power. *smiles* The Dark Side.


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              Hmm... The Jedi you might have known are not the same as the Jedi I know; the Jedi I fought beside and now fight against. They, to me, are not arrogant, nor over confidence. Those are not the true states of a Jedi's mind. And if they are confident in themselves, then they are the ones who proved that they do not have fear, yet a clear mind, one that is at peace.

              *A slight laugh echoed through the chambers. The Dark Knight stood out from the shadows, revealing his six foot three inch frame, his face concealed by his dark hooded cloak.*

              But I know all to well of what you mean when you say you had no confidence in youself. I have no further questions and allow me to be the first to welcome you to The Sith Empire. Please wait for a Sith Master or a Council Member to welcome you. Once you have, you may choice one of the following to be your new teracher of the Dark.

              Sith Masters

              Darth Havok
              Lady Vader

              Sith Lords

              Darth Varlon
              Firebird1 (Morale Officer)
              Vega Van Derveld

              Sith Knights

              Athena Lady Darknss
              Dyne Darkforce
              Eve Siren
              Laran Katern


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                *bows head* I will do as you say.


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                  :: Rising from her council chair, Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial descends the few steps before her and walks to stop just in front of the newcomer ::

                  "Greetings. I am Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial, one of the leaders of the Sith Empire. That was certainly a most interesting tale of your past trials and tribulations regarding your struggle between the darkness and the light. Tell me how your travels led you to our particular Dark Side faction in the galaxy, and why you seek membership here this day."

                  :: Dara studied the woman's actions and reactions as she awaited her answer ::


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                    Vega looked on at the newcomer to the Empire with his head tilted to one side slightly and smirked.

                    "Welcome to the Empire."


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                      The dark robed figgure in the corner simply muttered one word.