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  • Requesting to join...

    I started this topic because i did not like my own answers so I want to start over
    *stands in the shadows and walks into the light waiting for someone to come out*

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    The Sith Knight of the Empire made her way out of the darkness that hide her most of the time.

    " Welcome to the Empire. I greet you just as a friend, you must wait for a Master or Council memember to greet you. Although they will greet you with questions. "

    (OOC Good luck )


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      that is why i wanted to redo this i been here before i was Sith Master Josh and my master was Auriga


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        You were only at TSE for about a month or two and you had just begun your with Auriga, as I believe that is when Auriga was leaving:

        Then you came back and did a training session with Darth Stone but did not complete the training or respond to his last post:

        So I don't think that helps your situation. This thread is being locked because you already have another going, despite liking your answers or not..