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    The spikey haired warriors shows up from the shadow. He's wearing a bright red cape, black tight pants, and black boots. He begins walking out of the shadow and into the light. Then, starts to talk.

    "I would like to join TSE. I tried about 6 month ago. But, I guess I wasn't worthy at the moment. But, now I'm pretty sure I'm ready. I have improved greatly." Vegeta awaits a response.

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    A loud click sounded in the room and a single candle lit in the coner i was standing, my hair fell to the right as i tilted my head...

    ' Hmm' was the only sound i made as i tapped my index finger against my lips analysing the man, with a quick nod i talked to the man...

    ' Welcome to the empire..'


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      "Welcome back, Vegeta."

      Lord Vega steps out from his usual position in the Council room to approach his former apprentice, his head canting somewhat in curiousity.


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        OOC: How long will this take? I've only been greeted by 2 people.


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          <font color=red>Welcome Vegeta to the Sith Empire.</font> Kennon says approching the fighter.

          <font color=teal>They never stay gone once they have a taste of the dark side.</font> Kennon says in his mind.


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            :: Dara looks from her apprentice Sith Lord Vega Van Derveld over to his former apprentice. She rises from her council chair and walks over to him ::

            "Greetings. I am Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial, one of the leaders of the Sith Empire. Why do you seek to return to that which you left so long ago?"

            :: The Lordess locked her ocean green eyes on him, studying his demeanor as she awaited his response ::


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              Evil Vegeta looks at Dara Shadowtide for a moment and thinks of a response.

              "I have many reasons but I will only tell you the main one for now. Well, Once I left this place a lot of stuff happened to me and Naraku. Naraku was my greatest friend and rival. He was very evil but he also had a good side. Even though I wasn't very evil at the moment, he still saved me from death....Many times. One day, a few months ago, a man who owned a clan came up to him and challenged him. Naraku made a fool of him in front of everyone. Then, one week ago, something that I thought would never happen just happened. The man who challenged him before came back.......but this time with his clan. They ambushed him. Almost killed him. Then, they saw me. All they did was give me one slash in the arm...before Naraku sacrificed his life for me. Naraku died a horrible death. The only thing that happened to me was a little scratch on my arm! I couldn't bear it anymore. My anger rose to the above it's limits. So I knew I had to release all that anger. That day I took his light saber. A few days after I took his saber. I killed his clan leader. I choped his head off. That day I killed his clan by one. Like an assasin. Everytime I killed someone I took Naraku's light saber and cut my self in the chest. They all left scars. Everytime I killed someone I enjoyed it more and more! From that day foward I knew that I needed to kill more to live. It became like an addiction! I also learned that dark was they way to be! I didn't need light to survive. All I needed was all the evil in my heart. That's why I came back."

              OOC: Sorry, but I didn't have time to make paragraphs at the moment. lol


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                :: Dara nodded to him ::

                "Yes, revenge and retribution feed the rage and and darkness within. However, what is there to say you will not simply just leave the Empire again? We need loyal members who dedicate themselves to the study of the Dark Arts and furthering the glory of this organization. To lack the discipline to do so is weakness.."

                :: The Lordess studied him closely and awaited his response ::


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                  Evil Vegeta takes a deep breath and replies to her question.

                  " I doubt you wanted someone that was weak at the time. Or that anyone wanted someone weak to train. But now, I've had a taste of the darkside. It's like an addiction that I can't quit. As I explained before. One more thing, just like Kennon said "They never stay gone once they have a taste of the dark side."

                  Evil Vegeta goes back into the shadows and awaits her response there.


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                    god ev stop doing better than me


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                      :: Dara's gaze was unwavering ::

                      "Actually, what we don't want are members who are not loyal or depart at a moment's notice. That lets down the Empire and those who serve it faithfully. The Dark Side was here.. you could have tasted it under the tutelage of Vega Van Derveld here but you chose to leave. I'm not exactly certain that such action would warrant your ability to return, however we will continue with a few more questions nonetheless."

                      :: The Lordess took a deep breath and folded her arms in front of her chest before continuing ::

                      "What is the Dark Side to you?"