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  • Hey I would like to join

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    "Welcome to the Sith Empire, I am Tempist Opps, a Sith Warrior. After a master or council membrer has greeted you, you may chose a master to teach you inthe dark arts from this list."

    Tempist handed the newcomer a list, with many names on it.

    Sith Masters

    Darth Havok
    Lady Vader [TSO]

    Sith Lords

    Dalethria Mal Pannis
    Darth Varlon
    Firebird1 (Morale Officer)
    Raine Sarin
    Vega Van Derveld

    Sith Knights

    Athena Lady Darknss
    Eve Siren
    Laran Katern

    "If I may ask, what brings you to the dark side?"


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      the dark side will soondefeat the jedi and i think that the sith will over come the jedis soon enough


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        From the darkness, Lana watched Xion converse with Tempist. Her eyes softened, and she smiled to herself. Casting her eyes to the ground, she silently went on listening to the two converse a while, taking in what she can as if she was learning something by it.


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          "Perhaps, but only if our membrers fight with all their strenth and heart, they have to truly believe in the cause. Do you truly believe? Do you truly feel the darkside's embrace, or is this simply an effort to join the strongest group for fear of death?"


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            I believe the life i make is what i believe i should do


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              The Sith Knight of TSE entered into the council room...

              To let you know Lordess Dalethira Mal Pannis is no longer here to teach new members of this Empire. But I welcome to you to this Empire. I am Athena... Now wait for a council memeber or Master to greet you.


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                "That is a very vauge answer. Without direction in your life, you will not know if this is your true calling. If this is not what you truly believe in, then you will become weak, even with your training. What do you think you can offer to the empire?"

                Tempist knew he was asking questions he probably shouldn't have been. It was over his boundaries to a degree, but he was actualy curious about this one. He just seemed too quiet...


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                  :: From the back of the council room, the door opened slowly. A petite woman clad in black silently approached the front of the room and nodded to fellow comrades of the Empire. She walked over to the newcomer and stopped to stand just before him ::

                  "Greetings. I am Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial, one of the leaders of the Empire. I too would like to know what you can offer this organization and why you are seeking membership at this time."

                  :: Nodding to tempistopps she returned her chilling gaze to the new recruit, awaiting his answer ::


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                    From the shadows of the room the black shrouded hunter watched, he watched the newcomer with a feeling that this one is going to be an intresting one to talk with in the future.

                    The hunter thought to himself,"His answers are vauge and he will make a fool of himself."


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                      "It is not your place to make such judgements, Borsk. Silence yourself."


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                        Looks at Vega.

                        "Yes,my master,it was not my place."


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                          I can only offer my skills to the empire noting else nothing more


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                            :: Dara furrows her brow at the answers from the newcomer which provide her with little assessment. She takes a deep breath and continues ::

                            "Tell me, what is the Dark Side to you?"


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