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  • Enter Serke-dae

    *silently enters this place, sensing the aura of darkness seeping from the walls. The tall , cloaked and deeply hooded figure turns his head from left to right, carefully scrutinising all that he sees, marking it in his memory. Proceeding in what seems to be the correct direction the figure walks quietly, his boots clinking softly with the sound of armour plating, one gauntleted hand gripping the hilt of his long, sheathed blade. He speaks to himself in a soft, sibilant voice*

    Thisss placcce...isss verry interresssting....

    *frowning a little as he looks about, he decides the best course of action would be to wait where he stands, until someone notices him and questions him, rather than exploring further, thereby raising great suspicion*

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    Blinking and noticing the newcomer, Lana silently eyed him from the shadows. He seemed lost? She intended to find out...
    Stepping from the darkness, the dim lighting highlighted her cold-looking face. But that feature was soon changed, as a warm smile creased her lips.

    "...A newcomer, I believe? Greetings, my name is Lana."

    The young woman bowed low before the humanoid, then stood after a brief moment of showing her respect.

    "If I may say so, just wait for someone of higher rank, say a Lord or Lordess, to guide you through the process of becoming a Sith. Until then, perhaps we'll meet again."

    A slight nod, and Lana turned away and vanished amid the darkened room.


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      *stares after the woman as she walks away, my unseen face lacking all emotion*



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        "Welcome to the Sith Empire, newcomer."

        The Sith Lord rose into view, his bulky frame staring down upon the young one.

        "Once you have been greeted by one of our Masters or Council members, you may choose from the following to train you as a Sith."

        Sith Masters

        Darth Havok
        Lady Vader

        Sith Lords

        Darth Varlon
        Vega Van Derveld

        Sith Knights

        Athena Lady Darknss
        Dyne Darkforce
        Eve Siren
        Laran Katern


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          *looks up at the old one, taking in his bulky frame and heavy build, from my height of 6'10'', drawing in a sharp, sibilant breath*

          Trrain asss a Sssitthhh.... tthhhen I choossse you...

          *nods my head to him imperceptibly, my cloak shielding my slender figure from view, the deep cowl masking my features totally*


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            ' ahh, a Cizerack accent i hear...a cat?...' i said walking into the large room the an original concept at play....a force useing cat??...should be fun to hear...


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              *hisses loudly, leering over the man who addressed me as a cat, flicking my long, inhuman tongue from under my deep cowl, bristling slightly at his words*

              I amm nno catt....


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                *patiently he stood straight, towering over all at his full height of 6'10''. His hooded head moved from left to right as he awaited a reply from the first man who greeted me. As he waited, his breath gently moved the folds of his cowl, hissing quietly over his slightly sharpened teeth.*


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                  OOC: @#%$

                  OOC: I screwed up my accounts....this is still the same me, my user name is just slightly different... >_<


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                    Re: OOC: @#%$

                    :: Hearing the snake-like hissing in the newcomer's speech, Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial rises from her council chair and approaches him while studying his demeanor ::

                    "Greetings. I am Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial and I am one of the leaders of the Sith Empire. Tell me about yourself and what brings you to join our organization."


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                      Re: OOC: @#%$

                      *under his hood his eyes looked over the sleek form of the young woman addressing me. With a hissing intake of breath, he carelessly lifts his heavily gauntleted left hand, waving two fingers slightly*

                      I hearr tthat the Sssitth arre outt to dessstroy good annd conquerr frree will... frree will disssgussstsss mee...


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                        Re: OOC: Enter Serke-dae

                        :: Nodding to the newcomer, yet not exactly getting her question answered, she rephrases ::

                        "Indeed. Tell me about your skills, what weapons you can wield and if you have any prior experience with the Dark Side."

                        :: The Lordess continues to study his every action and reaction as she awaits his answers ::


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                          Re: OOC: Enter Serke-dae

                          *he looked her over again, having thought his answer quite adequate for her inquiries*

                          I have nno exxxperrienccce with the Sssitth waysss... I have onnly hearrd of tthemm..


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                            Re: OOC: Enter Serke-dae

                            Entering from a dark corner, Poreon nodded and smiled at the new recruit...


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                              Re: OOC: Enter Serke-dae

                              :: Dara raises an eyebrow ::

                              "Interesting, so you have no skills with a weapon of any sort? Have you ever been in a battle or faced an enemy?"

                              :: She continues to study the vague newcomer ::