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Laran Katern a request.

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  • Laran Katern a request.

    As i knelt in the council room the swift breeze sometimes swaying my hair back, i addressed the Knight Katern in a prim voice.

    'Sir i have come here today to ask if you would do me the honer of being my Master sir, i have not had one for 2 weeks and Miss Pannis has gone now...i would lke to coninue my traning under the guidence of you if possible sir!'...i said bowing my head.

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    From a back corner of the coucil room, a frazzled and dishevelled figure emerged from the shadows. He began to speak in a voice which usually oozed with confidence, but was only a mere shell of that now.

    " Your request has been heard, and it shall be done. Prepare yourself for a long journey to which the dark sdie will consume your soul, and multiply your potential"

    He quickly left the coucil room, before any further conversation could be started, as he did not like to be seen in his present condition.


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      Before i could say another word, my new master had left the chambers,i coulda' just sworn he just said yes so quickly, i re analyed his words, and he indeed said yes...

      I nodded as he exited the room and said quietly to myself 'Thank you Master'