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i want to join the sith empire

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  • i want to join the sith empire

    ::mysticalfighter15 walks down the great hallway towards the great sith lords and bows::

    "I wish to join this empire..."

    I wish to join your order. It is in my interests to join this strong and demanding order. I will devote myself to you and only you. Carry the pride of this order with every action. Take my request and I will never be faulty.

    ::mysticalfighter15 waits patiently for their response::

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    OOC: you by chance have any connection with Mana?


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      ::mystical answers respectifully::

      "no i don't. i don't know who it is. I changed my entry because we had the same entry."

      ::mystical awaits the response::


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        ::do not ly mystik you are here right now in my class and you are just trying to **** people off and get booted.


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          OOC: It seems that way Saiban, but keep your cool and stay calm.


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            OOC: ya i know but he just is an anoying looser.


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              ((OOC: Hey Saiban, you had better watch your tongue. You, too, aren't yet a Sith. Do you really want to ruin your reputation early...?))


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                OOC: no i am not trying to ruin my reputation it is just he acts like he is so cool it makes me mad but I am over it thanks for the tip:


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                  ::mystical looks at saiban like he is the a$$hole that he is::

                  "i know that i am only a potential target but saiban is acting like a little kid. I also think that saiban is a traitor to the empire."

                  ::mystical finishes his statement and is sorry for speaking out of turn and without permission::


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                    ::gohan pops up and says "i totally agree with mystical" ::


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                      Maybe that's cause yout the same person.....or at least posting from the same comp.

                      Anyways.....lets clean this up people.....or it's going to the OOC forum.