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    Greg Makai, a young man of 17, walked in. His eyes, a color only to be described with words as 'black' and 'dark', glanced around looking for any others to whom he should talk to.

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    "Welcome to the Sith Empire, newcomer."

    The Sith Lord rose into view, his bulky frame staring down upon the young one.

    "Once you have been greeted by one of our Masters or Council members, you may choose from the following to train you as a Sith."

    Sith Masters

    Darth Havok
    Lady Vader

    Sith Lords

    Darth Varlon
    Vega Van Derveld

    Sith Knights

    Athena Lady Darknss
    Dyne Darkforce
    Eve Siren
    Laran Katern


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      "Thank-you sir." Greg replied to the man before him.


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        [i]Pirotess sensed someone new and wanted to be sure to welcome them. She walked into the recruiting area and nodded in the direction of Vega. She continued to make her way toward the new recruit and stopped only a few steps away<i/>

        Welcome to The Sith Empire.


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          The Sith Knight entered into the room as Sith Lord Vega spoke the names of the masters and knights ready to train the new members of the Empire. Slinking within the Shadows her voice carried her welcome.

          " Welcome to the Empire "


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            Greg nodded to Pirotess. "Thank-you". He looked around for the source of the other voice but could not see anyone.


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              "Welcome to TSE, Greg..."

              Lana blinked from the shadows, then tilted her head a bit as she watched the newcomer. The dim lighting of the recruitment hall enhanced her pale face, and she smiled gently. Looking straight to the man once more, she stepped from the shadows and bowed low before him.

              "A pleasure, if I may say, to meet you."

              She rose after a moment and crossed her arms over her stomach, her head raised slightly in observance as she let her smile fade into that of a studious frown.


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                "Hey, I'm Poreon, Sith Knight Extrodinar! Welcome to the Empire" Poreon smiled at the new addition, flashing almost perfect teeth.


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                  Greg bowed to both and then gave a slight smile before settling back into his usual serious mask. "Hello. Thank-you"
                  He looked at Lana and grinned, deviously. "Are you studying me? Anything you want to know, ask. I've nothing to hide."


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                    "Well, now that you mention it... What brings you to the darkside?" The knight asked.


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                      "The darkness has always been a part of me. It dwells inside, a constant companion and a constant enemy. I wish to learn how to use it against those who oppose the darkside. Namely, the Jedi." Greg answered.


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                        Slowly, Poreon began circling the new recruit. "The Jedi... Dear enemies of this empire, they are. I've had my run-ins with them. They are quite the opponent. Greg, have the Jedi ever done anything to you?"


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                          "My father was a Jedi. He was always preaching about the dangers of the darkside, the goodness of the light. He was an idiot. Too busy to realize that I was discovering the truth. I killed him eventually. My mother as well. But that was just hurrying the inevitable. She was dying anyways." He answered with a grin.


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                            :: Standing at the back of the Recruitment area, Dara listens to the newcomer's responses and then steps silently inside. Making her way down the pathway, she nods to her fellow comrades of the Empire and then turns her attention to the visitor ::

                            "Greetings. I am Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial, one of the leaders of this organization. Interesting story you have been sharing with Sith Knight DarthPoreon."

                            :: She pauses for a moment and then looks directly into the newcomer's eyes ::

                            "With both parents as Jedi, how are we to know that the light does not somehow linger deep within you to this day.."


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                              Greg bowed and then, "I have only my past and the present to offer an answer. I would have killed myself along with my parents had I contained any light. I would still. I know nothing of a life without a darkness to stand beside. Without it, I am nothing."